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Contemporary artists on Artabus !

With Artabus® you can have access to virtual galleries displaying contemporary fine arts, drawings, paintings, sculptures... Just walk around 1731 galleries, choose some paintings, zoom on them and get some info about them.
If you want to buy, contact and negotiate the price and all other terms directly with the Artist.

Some artwork randomly chosen
within 66209 paintings, drawings and sculptures :
LA POIREEscape of PowerMuchacha con cocodrilo en perlaautoportraitdanseurs touareg
Marièle KaiserLam TranAlvaro MejiasCecile DuchampNacer Eddine Douadi
A great video of Artabus artists can be seen below.
Thanks to Luc Pottiez. Enjoy!

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Dan CivaDan Civa, known for his human-animals, tells you more about his artistic way of life.

contemporary artists' virtual galleries
Most visited artists :
Abt Véronique
Antoine *
Aznar Sylvestre
Bandry Véronique
Baraton Alain
Bassett Monica
Bataille Christine
Beaufour Bertrand
Bellefroid Danielle
Berton Suzanne
Blairy Rachel
Borisova Maria
Bouchriha Med Bachir
Bourcier Dominique
Bourgait Nicole
Callènes Armelle
Cavazza Gérard
Chaigne Jocelyne
Chaume Julien
Civa Dan
Cotte Colette*
Dafali Izabelle
Despres-Garnier Caroline
Dmytrenko Olga
Doarsic Dan*
Dominé Jacques
Donadieu Helene
Dugourd Caput Françoise
Dumont Bruno
Dumont Sophie
Ehly Isabelle
Elliott Bernie
Eurgal Christian
Favrin Muriel
Feitussi Bruno
Foscolo Boris
Gobert Gérard
Greffard Philippe
H-Y *
Harireche Mohamed
Jean Claudine
Jenot Jean-Marie
Jourdan Thierry*
Korkinova Maria*
Koshan Alex
Labidi Mohamed
Laffitte Jacky
Leblanc Isabelle
Levoin Patrice
Lévy Véronique
Lewis Claire
Lonvig Asbjorn
Maillard Cary Brigitte*
Marquant Yann
Maz Bi
Morin Bernard
Mortazavi H.*
Oziol Eve*
Parmentier Yuna
Piana Philippe
Pollaert Jean-Pierre
Pradat Laurent
Prod'homme Annick
Redpancake *
Segré Raymond
Slimani Christine*
Talleux Françoise
Theocharis Magdalene
Valachman Henri
Wiland Lawrence*
Zahova Lyuba
Znidarsic Benjamin

* Artist's official main gallery

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