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   Betty french cartoonist - portrait
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Welcome to the land of the imagination

Betty training
Primary and secondary education: right next to the radiator.
Most common reasons of his punishment school: drawing too much instead of listening to teachers courses, look out the window.
It was to make you laugh, though there are many truths, here is my real training

Family Training on the drawing board for surveyor of my late father,
largest supplier of paper, pencils, Indian ink, Letraset, and kicks in
... for my grades, except in drawing! Transition to High School Fine
Arts Poincaré Nancy and Fine Arts of Nancy during the evening.

Still, I left my dear radiator to study more seriously later in the
medical, so I was able to draw many doctors, nurses and colleagues ...
not lose the hand!

Etymology - Caricature

If the term "caricature" is often applied indiscriminately to burning
manners, cartoons, or the drawing of humor in general, the noun Italian
cartoon, itself derived from the Latin past participle of the verb
caricare, which, literally both literally and figuratively means "load",
gives the sense of an exaggeration of the defects for comic or
satirical *.

In the past, "cartoon" was called "load".
The human head - to "load" or "unload"?
Born into a family of painters, I draw the "human head" since childhood.

I was tired of aggressive cartoons and portraits for dead rot in the
back of a closet forgotten by everyone, even worse, thrown in the trash.

Before starting my career as a caricaturist, portrait artist, I posed
for a cartoonist to see the effect it would make to my future clients: a
disaster, I had a pear-shaped head, eyes on the back of the head. It
was decided, I never would suffer the vengeance of a designer who does
not hesitate to plant his pencils in the eyes of its customers. I chose
the path of beauty, respect and likeness, for that matter ...

No more live load discharge.

I apologize in advance from individuals with a prominent proboscis more
than, I can not shrink it ... my scalpel does not effect.

Orders in the Workshop - A new graphical style, another way to reveal the human race
You want me to order a drawing?
E-MAIL: On this page, the menu at the top left "Contact"

I draw animals of all races and people of all kinds, from a photograph
by keeping their faces in portrait, or by modifying it slightly, I
illustrate their lives to create a biographical snapshot style
photography, which will surprise those who look. No more dust, up to the
light! No one will be ashamed to proudly display this little work of
art. Of course there are always malcontents who can not laugh at
themselves, as in all cemeteries ... although I know of cemeteries fun:
Pere Lachaise.

The road outside - Betty - Caricaturist your evenings

You can bring me to the place of your reception, I live drawing your
guests. Animated cartoons on the big eastern France, Switzerland,
Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium or further if several days. My highest
demands are weddings.

E-MAIL: On this page, the menu at the top left "Contact"

I thank all the friendly visitors who walk through my little drawings,
you are more likely to send me flowers, thank you it smells good in my
studio ... I like chocolate

Mentions Légales
siret-siren 442 213 112 00018
maison des artistes Paris B860688
code APE 9003A

*L’art et l’histoire de la CARICATURE – Citadelles & Mazenod – Laurent Baridon Martial Guédron - 2006

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