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Rising professional artist Isabelle Leblanc combines her skills in graphic design, abstract painting and photography, to create her own, unique pieces. After completing her studies in graphic design, at Laval University in 1998, she began exploring her field of work and exhibiting her visual research. Since 2007, she has been involved in the artistic world by founding and directing Mécén’art, a entreprise dedicated to supporting and promoting arts and culture by pairing a maecenas (patron) and an artist, creator or promoting venue.


In just five years, Isabelle’s work has been displayed in ten solo exhibitions, while also taking part in twenty collective exhibitions. In 2009 she won the first prize in the city of Granby’s 150th anniversary art contest. Her painting entitled Les amoureux du Lac Boivin had captivated the jury’s attention with its soft movement, evocated emotions and mastering of colour blending.

Artistic approach


The creation of a Leblanc is, much like its creator, an expression of constant duality between two forces that collide and then complete each other. On one side, the vibrant spark of life. On the other, the peacefulness of a summer evening. The energy of a Leblanc emerges from its vivid aray of colours, an aray which conveys all the passion behind every stroke of the painter’s brushes. The serenity comes inevitably from the minimalism and the perfect balance between the masses. While gazing at a Leblanc, one’s thoughts freely drift away on a journey. Both forces are alway present in the artist’s pieces. A LEBLANC stimulates the eye and soothes the spirit.

The P’tits Bijoux (the little gems


Half-way between abstract and figurative art, Les P’tits Bijoux change colour tone all through the day, just as the horizon according to the sea tides. They gleam like rays of light on the calm surface of a lake. They are embellished by touches of golden, much like little treasures buried in the palms of your hands. They shimmer like jewels one would proudly wear for a special celebration.

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