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Invited to exhibit at the fith "Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea" Florence decembre 2005

The glance is transitory, even when it goes on fixed images. The color is a witness of the feelings, an auxiliary of the heart. The painter is a stockbreeder of dreams.
Start to paint in 1973, is interested in the history of the contemporary art and visit of many museums, galleries and exposures. Take part starting from the end of the Seventies in the movement "Young Painting" and many exposures of group in more of its personal exposures.
Pictorial expression going from a fawn-coloured figuration to a composition abstracted while passing by work from small sizes of the surrealist type. Work primarily the watercolour, the acrylic resin on fabric and paper and engraving (lino and glass). Its work is sold in France and abroad.
Does not paint any more but occasionally of 1983 to 2002 to carry on its activity of Consulting engineer. However in 1995, starts again to paint but does not devote itself any more but to work on fabric (mixed Oil, Acrylique, techniques) except for watercolours of small size on Bristol-board.
The step then is particularly centered on an aesthetic construction on the forms and the color in work combining the figurative expression and the abstract diagrams. Start again to make personal exposures in February 2000. Since November 2002 devotes itself exclusively to painting. One finds collections particular of his fabrics of this new time in France and abroad.

2003, with the exposures Blue, Yellow, Red, etc... and N.I.L.O. and especially 2004 with Square Roots and the important series of Watercolours Aix Nihilo mark the beginning of the recognition by the critic and the galerists.
He is in particular invited to take part in the exposures and actions of patronage of Little Van Gogh (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany) like with the exposures of Group BATIK ART (Spain, the United States).

Member of the "Fondation Taylor" 


AIX en PROVENCESalon International d'Arts Plastiques, septembre 1978
TOURSGalerie Jean Vilar, mai 1981
PARIS, Parc floralConvergence Jeune Expression, juin 1981
TOURSGalerie Jean Vilar, octobre 1981
TOURSL'Horloge Café, décembre 2002
SAINT CYR sur LOIREPavillon Charles X, août 2003
TOURSLe Baron, juin 2003, décembre 2003
TOURSLa Touraine, juin 2004
BRUXELLESEUROPRO août septembre 2004

Pfizer Europe octobre 2004

Eli Lilly novembre 2004

Fonderies du Lion décembre 2004
BARCELONESala BARNA, septembre 2004
PARISà partir de janvier 2005
POITIERSUniversité de Poitiers, novembre 2004
SAINT AVERTINL'Envigne, décembre 2004
janvier 2005
mars 2005
avril 2005
mai à septembre 2005
août 2005
décembre 2005


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