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I was born in the heart of the old town "Constantine". Since childhood.

I have had a passion for drawing, so the Beaux-arts school of "Constantine" has to have naturally great me. In this sanctuary of arts R.M.DEBAT and A.E.JUGE have perfected my formation by their advices as much as those of R. TESTANIERE. After that I’ve studied at the Beaux-Arts school of Algiers.

In 1971, I reached the national school of Geodesic Sciences of "Arziew Algeria", from where I was qualified as a Geometer of Cadastre. Since 1980 I have been integrated into the studio of the National museum, which I leaved in 1982. Now I am living and working in Constantine.

Individual and collective exhibition

Casino shows "the coliseum" in Constantine 1968.
The Bey Palace. Constantine 1976.
2nd international festival of plastic arts "Souk-Ahras" 1983.
The Bey Palace. Constantine 1983, 1985, 1986.
5th National festival "Souk-Ahras" 1985.
5th National festival "Souk-Ahras" 1988.
The house of culture "Med laid El Khalifa" 1989.
Salon of the University of Constantine 1989.
The house of Culture Constantine 1990.
Galerie Alyssa. "Le Bardo Tunis ".
The house of culture "Med laid El Khalifa" 1999.
The house of culture" Malek Haddad "1999.
National museum" Cirta "October 1999.
1st Constantinian show June 2000.
1st Constantinian show June 2001.
La galerie Exhibition "Tiddis " Marsh 2002.
Palace of Culture Exhibition Marsh 2003.
Guest of honour in the national festival of Tamazight movie 2004.

Prize of honour 2nd international festival"Souk-Ahras"1983.
Prize of honour 5th National festival"Souk-Ahras"1985.
First National prize on 6th National festival"Souk-Ahras"1988.
Prise of honour at the University of Constantine 1989.
Diploma of honour of Constantine town June 8th 1999.
Jury member in the first Constantinian show 2000.
Member of honour in the second Constantinian show 2001.
Diploma of honour of the national association of arts and culture 2002.
Jury member in the national festival of bridges in Constantine 2003.

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