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I started drawing actual things at the age of 3. (I made a circle with 2 smaller circles on top of the big one in the 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock positions! It was Mickey Mouse!) As I continued in school, my works kept being selected to appear in local bank displays and at the Kansas State Fairs winning 1st and seconds annualy until I left at age 18 for the military. I did take 2 lifedrawing classes in university.

I had tried most all the meduims available to and liked watercolors and acrylics the best. So I stuck with those 2 mediums from there forward.

Acrylics fascinated me because it dried so fast.   I was thrilled to be able to make corrections or additions within minutes. I soon began working with a monochromatic pallete found the one color could not only depict the mood but also could envelope the entire painting's attitude.   I continued painting as I married and raised a family, when I had the time and drive to paint.

I am retired now, due to physical disabilities, and have been working more and more on my painitngs of acrylics and watercolors. I was diagnosed in 2004 with Macular Degeneration, and am trying to paint now as much as I can, becuase I dont know how much longer I will have my sight...Drs have said maybe 5 more years. It seems so unfair...but, it is the one thing in my life that I have had that remains with me even today. And I know it will always be there, even after my passing for others to enjoy. Another link to see my work is at  PLEASE SIGN MY GUEST BOOK! I love hearing from you all!

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