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About us

Artabus is a virtual gallery hosting contemporary artists. This website has been developed by a team : Idylyk and Jean-Luc Antoine. Artabus doesn't make any profit. The financial investiment is supported by the team : this is patronage.

The goal is to build an efficient tool allowing artists to exhibit their works, and allow art lover to browse through thousands paintings and sculptures.

Artabus is not a classical gallery (no brick and mortar); it facilitates the direct relationship between artists and art lovers.

Jean-Luc Antoine
Art lover and IT expert, I have used my skills to build this website. My goal is to make Artabus the portal for contemporary Art. People are already buying CDs and books online, why not paintings and sculpture ?
My personal investment is not only a financial one but also in term of time : in one year it is 1500 hours of hard work.
My best awards are messages from artists telling me that they are fully satisfied of Artabus services.

Entreprise specialized in communication and multimedia (internet/intranet websites, cd rom, interactive terminals, ondemand software), it has already built tens of prestigious achievements (homeland and governemental, telco, luxury etc.).
Idylyk takes part in the Artabus adventure by defining the graphic charter, the logo, the ergonomics and new services.
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