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I was born in 1951 in the North, not the far North, the North of France, which is one of our départements.
As all other artists say, and I know there is nothing unusual about it, I have always enjoyed drawing.
I remember how moved I was when I first discovered the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Lille. In fact it was not common practice for our family to visit museums.
The ups and downs of life meant that my pictorial activities were actually left dormant for many years.
Gradually as reading books and visiting exhibitions left a deeper imprint, I found I simply could not restrain myself from painting.
I tend to explore themes that are inspired by real-life experience. I give free rein to my imagination in the selection of the subject and the technique that will consequently be most appropriate.
I have often been called an atypical artist and to my mind this is an apt description.
The way I work requires me to display in my exhibitions a comprehensive range of all the works related to the same theme.
Since 2003, I have shown the following series in various places: Memories of Guadeloupe, Appearances, Andalucian impressions, Itinerary. At the moment I am working on the theme of living performances.

"The construction Brigitte Maillard Cary offers us today is entirely in keeping with her previous production: chromaticism and technical variations are there. But they are never used without motivation. The choice of support, the use of collage, the insertion of heterogeneous materials, as if they were all heteronomous crystals, are not the product of diversion, even less of an endeavour to strive for effect. They are primitive and essential in that they are determined by the intention that underpins the work. And therefore any attempt to achieve stylistic classification according to technical appearance - from support to touch - is doomed to failure. In the present case what makes style is the subordination of means to an end. If you desperately want to categorize BMC in a word, only one will spring to mind: liberty.
BMC is at liberty to choose her purpose, to choose her technique. What she paints is what she lives and what she is."( Itinérary, Centre Ipoustéguy, 2006)
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