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  - TAnimal paintings.
Passion of the detail, work of the expression.

ANIMAL ART - Specialist of the feline. I privilege the cat because its mystery and its incomparable "artistic" beauty seduce me. Provided with one thousand one facets it is a source of inexhaustible inspiration; I take pleasure to seize and to immortalize its attitudes and its mimes.
But we cannot give all the feelings by means of a portrait, that is why I like to "tell" moments of life, even if they are imaginary, by composing "stage settings". It gets free of it an atmosphere, different feelings. (LA RECRE DES CHATONS-pastel 2001)

The compositions as FELINE EUROPE ", are them, more symbolic but I always work the expression and the detail.
I also paint and with so much passion and allegiance, the other animals.
Working according to photos, I can realize their portraits on demand. (See Mr Eliott)

PORTRAITS AND LANDSCAPES are also in my directory, with a small preference for " the scenes of water ".

Self-taught, I practise several techniques but whether it is the watercolour, the acrylic or the pastel, the search for the end is the same. I like giving a "soul" to my works, making feel the feelings which I felt myself by painting and I hope to get " for the glances " so much pleasure as I had during the creation.
To date, I privilege the pastel but I work it "relief" for a more "real" depiction.
The technique of the painting on tissue, which I like quite particularly, was the first one which I practised. It allows sharpness of the line and the relief, two considerable trump cards when we have the passion of the detail.
However the work is very long; it is necessary to proceed by layers and superimposing because the tissue absorbs, but, it allows an "enriched" sharpness.
Then it is necessary to realize a special assembly for the frame, only, the final result is very attractive and appreciated.

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