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~~~Canadian Artist Suzanne Berton~~~



Suzanne Berton feels art is self-expression, a means for communicating with others without words. It is a sign of who she really is on the inside.  To her art is freedom. 
“I do not pretend a genius mentality to my art.  My only goal is to bring out what is inside me through art, and writing, and to make something I consider beautiful.  It is my gift to the world.”
Today Suzanne makes her home in the beautiful city of Kingston, Ontario, Canada.  I am proud of my Canadian heritage, happy to speak both official languages.  “My hope is to continue to grow in my art through experimentation. Art is growth.”
Art speaks a silent voice                                                      
When words fail                                                                           
It gives freedom
To those
Who don't have a voice
Who are rarely heard
And often ignored
Art communicates
At times when words
Are hard to hear
For those
Who shut their minds
Against the things
That should be heard
Art screams
When words are tuned out
Like warning bells
For a world
Too busy to notice
The plight of those
Who need attention

© Suzanne Berton 2006  

~~~~~  Dedicated to my family, Grandchildren and CANGRANDS ~~~~~ 

                         ~~THANK YOU FOR DROPPING IN.  COME AGAIN OFTEN~~

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