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Cati Simon

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2010 Calendar from Mike & Viki McHugh - Saturday, Jan-02-2010
Just found this on your website. What fun - and once again enjoyed looking at all your pictures. Happy New Year from us both
GRACIAS CATI from antuan - Thursday, Oct-02-2008
Hola Cati, como vez ya entre a ver tu pag, y ver e mi esposa en ella me hace muy feliz, ahora que vas a pintar a mi hija tambien me haras el doble de feliz, darte la gracias por tus obras en general es un placer conocer gente como tu un saludo

Hi Cati! from Sophie Hoffmann - Sunday, Mar-30-2008
Love your stuff, and the familiar landscapes. We have even painted some of the same Jimena streets! Thank you for referring me to this site. I am compiling a gallery too and building a profile. artabus/vik is me...

Do feel free to drop around at any time, me and sophie are in number 12 as you know.

All the Best & keep up the good work,
Mr from Mike McHugh - Thursday, Aug-16-2007
So nice to see so much of your work on this website. We are both very impressed - and very pleased that Murphy is included.
Beau art from Visionary Imagist - Saturday, Aug-11-2007
Votre art est beau. Your artwork is quite beautiful and exqusite.
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