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Welcome to my gallery.   Bienvenido (Más abajo en Español)

It is said that every man is born with his livelihood, but life can be such that it may take many years before that livelihood becomes apparent.

As a child I enjoyed sketching, then by my early teens life took hold and I stopped drawing. About 15 years ago I mentioned to my husband that I’d like to paint, and he bought me canvas, paints and brushes. I painted a portrait of a friend as a birthday gift, and found myself being commissioned by people who’d seen the painting.

In the past 15 years I’ve been commissioned to paint or sketch more than 800 artworks, although I have never held an exhibition. I have no formal training and never planned to take this route, it seemed to appear from nowhere then grew into a vocation.

Just as the whole of creation has spirit within and behind it, so is the human being. Man is not a mannequin. My prime motive, therefore, when sketching anyone or anything, is not solely to present the physical appearance, but to capture and portray a character, essence or soul.

I recently licensed an artwork that’s destined to be a book cover for a crime novel to be published this winter.

I hope you enjoy the examples presented here.

“Cada uno nace con su propia vocación” es un dicho, pero a veces se puede pasar muchos años antes de saber cual es tu única y propia manera de ganarte la vida.

Cuando yo era niña me gustaba dibujar, pero dejé de hacerlo durante mucho tiempo. Hace 17 años mi marido me compró un lienzo, pintura y pinceles, y yo decidí hacer un retrato de un amigo nuestro para regalárselo por su cumpleaños. Alguna gente vio el retrato y me encargaron más.

En los últimos 15 años he hecho más que 800 obras de arte, aunque nunca he tenido una exposición. Yo nunca planeaba tomar esta ruta, la ruta de ser artista vino a mi y ha crecido hasta ser mi vocación.

Mi motivo cuando pinto a alguien es captar no solo la cara de una persona quiero captar y pintar el alma y lo que está dentro también.

Espero que te gustan los cuadros presentados aquí, y si quieres encargarme un retrato o paisaje entonces llámame ... 660-05 92 55

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