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Attila T. Winkler was born in the City of Kolozsvar. He is currently living and working in Hungary. Nature inspires his painting’s intensity, tension of movement, and the endless flood of colors on his canvas makes his work exciting. From the first stroke of the brush, Mr. T. Winkler creates the mood and shapes, connection and harmony of his objects.

Attila T. Winkler has studied art as a teeenager. He traveled Europe as a folk dancer, played in local rock bands, same time he designed jewelry from leather, wood and metal, he also displayed his talent with his graphic art work. He lived and worked in Paris awhile. When he returned to Hungary he built scale models, including the Margaret Island water tower, which is still displayed at Budapest.

He began his painting career 20 years ago, first with glass art work using unique technology. His art work for commercial establishments gained great respect and appreciation. Later he turned to the canvas, and had the following to say:
“The creation of a painting is limitless; it draws me and gives me the possibility of something new with each canvas, endless ideas, with abundance of inspiration. When I have captured all this, I have created my new painting.“

His art is defined by his exuberant joy and his passion that he takes from forces of nature and delights of life. The appreciation of this energy shines through his paintings, and invites unconventional freedom for vivid colours and the use of mixed technology.

“Natural wonders inspire me. I all my intuitions appear on the canvas which I get from the landscape, from the sun shine, colours and lights. today and always. When I work, I need to immortalize all my feelings and instincts on the canvas.”

Attila T. Winkler’s basic personality is natural, uninhibited, and joyous. His non-compromizing style alights his viewers, his art immediately prompts happiness & positive feelings. Although this is not surprising if you know the artist’s beliefs: “The painting is perfect if it inspires the viewer to feel and think the colours, the shapes, my soul, heart, my whole being. This makes my art worth painting and my life worth living!”

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