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Suzanne Paleczny

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de passage dans votre galerie... from James Augustin - Tuesday, Aug-13-2013
Vos portraits son sublimes, un bel univers à déguster sans modération ! Bonne continuation !
James, Artabusien
Wonderful exhibition of your Egypt paintings from Kip Veale - Tuesday, May-07-2013
Congratulations on another magnificent show. Had to visit them all again through your
on-line gallery. But....where is the Fayoum fisherman in this gallery? I hope you have
it photographed before I take it home (!).....
comment from - Sunday, Dec-30-2012
looking at your work compels me to tell you how wonderfull I find your paintings. Your painting skills are to be envied. congratulations. Thank you,. Chris.( happy new year ).
gallery from Linda MacGregor - Tuesday, Nov-27-2012
I've just take a stroll through your gallery and wanted to let you know how much I admire your
work. Your colours are striking. I'm a great fan of portraits and tend to prefer to paint them
over other subjects. It's capturing the special spirit/look of the individual, that particularly
attracts me. You do a wonderful job of achieving just that. Congratulations.
just hello from Tyna Silver - Wednesday, Jun-08-2011
I ran into your parents today at the Temiskaming Art Gallery. Coincidentally your dad knows a friend who was with me. I told them how much your African show here inspired me to do full face portraits. I always remembered what you said about wanting viewers to have a personal experience with your subjects by making them stare right into their faces (and by making them life size or larger). Shortly after your exhibition I began doing full face portraits, especially of children from foreign countries and elderly who exude so much character. So I looked you up and I'm here to say thanks and that I admire your work and your insight that is shown through it. I especially also like the symbolic pieces you do using faces.Not enough people appreciate the depth and beauty of a human face or understand the rich stories every body tells. .I am apparently not allowed to include a link here but my artwork can be found under Tyna Silver on Fine Art America if you are interested
Wonderful from Betty-Anne - Saturday, May-07-2011
So good to see you painting new visual treats from Whitehorse. You are amazing!
Extraordinaire ! from Philippe GREFFARD - Tuesday, Dec-07-2010
je viens de découvrir votre galerie sur artabus et j'ai été très impressionné. je suis très admiratif de votre travail, bravo !
Impressed :-) from Linda Bovolotto - Monday, Nov-01-2010
Hi Suzanne,

I am always so very impressed by your creativity, ingenuity, passion and drive to put yourself out there. How are you enjoying the far north...any snow as of yet?

Congratulation from Mohamed Hwihi - Monday, Nov-01-2010
Hello Suzanne,

This is Mohamed Hwihi from Wadi El-Rayan -Fayoum,Egypt

I'd like to say congratulation for your great work.

Best wishes for you and Family
Mohamed Hwihi
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