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Changwon Lee

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반가웠습니다! from chong songchin - Wednesday, Oct-16-2013
잘 지내시죠? 정성진입니다^^
화백님 작품 보다 보니 나도 배낭메고 훌쩍 산으로 떠나고 싶어지는군요...
가끔 뵙시다~~

Your Art from Sherry Rempel - Friday, May-10-2013
I loved your paintings, especially the some of the mountain scenes. I
love the colours you use, bright and transparent. Cradle Mountain and
Mount of Imagination are my favourites. So Jeon is my co-worker and she
introduced me to your work. Thanks.
홍대 이회장입니다...! from Enjung Lee - Thursday, Apr-18-2013
잘 보고 갑니다.
작품이 하나같이 매력있어요....!
Your Work.. from Jenifer Wells - Tuesday, Jan-29-2013
Pleased more focus on your work in retirement. You are very talented. Enjoyed your work.
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