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 I was born in Seosan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea.  I studied in Seoul since middle school. In 1975 I was graduated in precision mechanical engineering from Hongik University. In 1982 graduated in Mechanical Eng. of the graduate school of Eng. Yonsei Unv. In 1995 Ph.D [Mechanical Engineering] from the Hongik University.

 I worked at various times ; government officer, researcher of some national research institute, managing director of some org. etc.

 I spent some years in the field of planting trees after my retirement, But I was wondering about what to do next and the rest of my life.  I finally decided to abandon it and dedicate myself to seek my original love.

 I have spent childhood between the mountains and blue coast of the western sea. The colors of my native home, esp. a flaming sunset will have a roll determining on my envy to express me by painting. In fact this need existed for a long time but had never come true, furthermore I had no previous knowledge of painting. Anyway,  I decided on to dash into this activity though painting was not innate sense for me.

It is only at the beginning of 2011 ,arriving on the eve of my 61st  that I started by a curious coincidence ,to paint in oils attended yearly course of oil class at the school of Institute of fine art and design education, Hongik University. I was lucky to meet Dong su Lee(Ph. D) who is a Professor of that school and to become his pupil. He helped me to find my way on this new path. Oil painting just getting my feet wet has renewed my dreariness after retirement and became an essential part of my life. Since then, painting with me everyday as far as I remember.

I introduced myself to the public for the first time in 2012, a Solo exhibition by Changwon Lee at Gallery Topohaus in Seoul.

My first pictorial expressions are photorealism after learning of basic rules of oil painting. But later I discovered the need to break away from my realistic style . I tend to change my way of expression, style and technic  every year annually as possible as I can. My artistic style range from the Realistic, figurative, semi-abstract painting in oil.


The segmentation of the object is an important cocept to me because the beginning of the first work starts from a technology to the split the face. It's to define that I see things and pieces of the thoughts that I'm reminded of and feel with those things really are stored in the sensory neurons and then these are displayed to audience. This logic is my hypothesis, but it's a driving force to continue the work.

In accordance with this hypothesis, "if the plane of the real object itself and the image media stored in sensory neurons are classified seperately and the system is formed, is it possible to access to the space of the reason more easily by a simple switching like computer's hard and display?" which was my idea since the 1st solo exhbition.

As such work plan is envisioned,I began to create a spiral snail object and neuron track of the various shapes accompanying it. In addition, experimental molding continued to be done intensivebly in a way of splitting the face on the canvas to create the real plane,and various shapes and tracks associated along the plane. I decide to draw it in a method of dividing the plane into two to create with Informel form without painting brush by mixing the real plane of the subject whatever it is, on the upper part of the canvas and the movement or flow, a lump of the my free thinking with the object of neuron track.

During we are awake or sleeping, if we calculate a mass of thoughts produced and destroyed in our inner at any time  as the amount of data, It may be difficult to bear as a computer's hard. Althought the amount of the image doesn't generally appear in daily life, it appeared in case of being immersed in the reason for any occasion is short memories, the reason why we feel its amount enormous may be a past memory space area of the high -capacity compact hidden in the inner of the human. It's just difficult to express molding of this vast amount of sensory memory with just a sketch  or a blush painting.

Evantually I can't help inferring the memory by expressing a lump of thought and its stems in Informel form.  And to conclude, the real work on the upper part of the canvas and Informel work to express a sense of inner on the low part of it are not completely separated and they are envisioned to be communion with concurrency.

This concept is one of my ideas in the course for future work production. This work is "a method of dividing the plane into to interact with concurrency", called[ Recombination with respect to the present and the past in the given composition space] and I selected it as a subtitle of the 2nd solo exhbition.

 -- from Chang won Lee 2013 'Artist's notes'

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