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Masood Parvez

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Brilliant Artist from Raheil Qureshi - Sunday, Jul-29-2012
A very impressive collection of portraits. All the best from Florida.

Good Wishes from ashraf jawed - Tuesday, May-01-2012
I appreciate your life-history and great achievements. You have very successfully converted yourself from a hobbyist to a great professionalist. I believe you have great potential to go further higherup I have always been impressed by your fine personality. I pray to God for your health and happiness. Wish you Goodluck
Great artist from Fadia Qureshi - Monday, Apr-30-2012
Mr. Parvez is not only a genius with colours but a very pure soul as
well. I know him for the past 14 years & can say with pride that he
has gone out of his way to help me achieve my goals which he made his
own for the time......and has helped so many others too. What a truly
amazing artist he is too. He sees minutely the details most people
would miss or not regards as important, but it is this intense
observation that makes his paintings stand out & be labled extra
ordinary and so life like. My prayers are with you always.
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