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Project of 2004 : The "Cathedrals of Lights" is composed of 14 paintings, like the 14 Stations of the Cross.

Cathedrals of Lights.

Aldéhy is back, with a work bathed in love. He has shown Adam, his son, under the footlights and he has painted... In a unique vision, the child has appeared, a full individual indeed, but also the mother, in an amazing resemblance, and the artist himself, in a kind of self-portrait moved back in the past.
In order to pay a tribute to Claude Monet, whom he marvels at, Aldéhy has focused on the influence of light upon colours. In the image of the "Cathedrals of Rouen", he has created these inmost "Cathedrals of lights", and he has generously opened up to us.
Indeed, the light is revealing the texture of the skin, the satin-smooth texture of the ear. With its rays the light is caressing the clothes... It is transfiguring reality... It is the mirror revealing the soul.
And we find ourselves sharing the child’s questioning about his being violently thrown into this world. An angel of the Creation ? A meteorite from the heart ? An inspired prophet ? What is his past ? What is his future ? What kind of thoughts are hidden behind the cheerful look in his eyes, behind this smiling dimple, behind this worried eyebrow ?
As if by magic, Aldéhy has outlined the mystery of the being, which is shining out in the daylight through his subtle palette. He has offered it for us to read in silence and thus, he imperceptibly brings us closer to the enigmatic truth.

Marie Claude Busso.
(Le Creusot, November 29th 2003)
(Translated from French by Ratiba Aïssani)

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