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Project of 2007.


It is a renewed pleasure to be immersed in Aldéhy’s world. As in his “cathedrals of light”, the magic operates at first glance.

At the heart of this work, a deep stream purifying and magnifying the earth, perfect beauty of an unalterated, god-given planet. The painting is bathed in the various fading lights of sunsets or the glorious lights of primeval dawns. Each ray reverberating and echoing man’s questioning of the world.
Flooded with light, the earth is a perpetual festival scenery, where every wish comes true, every hope ends in creation and achievement.
We are invited to a festival of colours and with the following of seasons, and as time passes, we meet the characters of the bible: Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel.
Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel have been chased away from paradise, they walk along a stream thinking they might get back to the eden they have lost.
Finally,they arrive on the earth and little by little, they realize that this earth that was supposed to be punishment is in fact a precious jewel that god has given them, they must take great care of that gift, it is their last chance to achieve happiness.

Water and the stream which becomes a river which eventually merges into the sea is a sort of Ariadne’s thread in this new project.

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