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 8 Paintings in New York : Reference Marumo Gallery, 137 Grand Street (September 1st to December 31st)

I was born in Geneva in 1962 and have always loved colour and mixing unctuous
materials. After a 'run-of-the-mill' professional route, a neurologist (a very
likeable and understanding gentleman who finds the right words to appease, by
stating the facts objectively, told me in March 2006 that I had multiple
sclerosis. My reduced mobility subsequently led me to find an occupation that
would allow me to travel, to escape and to communicate, whilst staying at home
in my luminous kitchen.

I am entirely self-taught and have always felt colour and the harmony of shapes
calling me. This calling has became much more insistent since my illness was
announced. Painting has become essential for me, a mixture of intense pleasure
and expression through my very warm colours. When I paint, I am completely in my
universe. Colour, creaminess, softness, dreams, escapism, communication,
sharing .... When I begin a painting, I never know what it will be like when
finished. Then suddenly, its title comes to me: I then know my painting is

I am partial to warm shades and I work with acrylic paints.

At first, I only painted for my own pleasure; various positive critics led me to
participate in several exhibitions, near my home and in Paris.  Each time I sell
one of my paintings, I feel a twinge of sadness, as if a part of me is leaving.
My paintings are in a way 'my babies', as I always put in to them my soul, my
energy, my 'joie de vivre', my intimacy, my personality. It is an eternal
exposure. Ironically, each 'departure' also provides me with a sense of peace
and fulfilment; someone who decides to acquire one of my works appreciates and
my universe and I know that my emotion has been passed on.

The main message that I would like to pass on is the following: it is not
because you have a serious illness that the world stops going round. you have
to fight but especially, follow your dreams.

Never coddle oneself and never complain, such is my motto. I assure you that
Painting is better than any pschotherapy in the world.

I would like to thank Solange: you were the one who encouraged me and showed me
the happiness painting can bring.  I know you are proud of me and that you love
the blending of all these colours.  You acted, as always, out of devotion and
kindness and I will be eternally grateful.

Thank you to everyone who believes in me.

My own web site : magaleriedepeintures.com

I am registered at the 'Maison des Artistes' in Paris (registration of artistic
activity).  A certificat of authenticity 'original and unique piece' is provided
for each painting.

Payment by check accepted with possibility of payment in installments.
Please have a look on my blog : vlevypaint.skyrock.com

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