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Painting is neither for me a business nor a self-indulgent narcissistic display. It is neither a profession (« commercial venture » si tu veux insister sur le côté financier) nor a hobby.
The creation in the intimacy and the solitude of the workshop is a necessity, sometimes pressing and urgent, often a therapy, a liberation. I alternate ceaselessly between the abstract and figurative periods, dark and coloured tones, to avoid becoming fossilised in a stereotyped production. A prosperous period has to give up its place to another.
A picture is at the same time a technique and a testimony. I worked at first oil on a reactive support (enamelled melamine panels) accepting the speed, fluidity, transparency as well as the dullness, the trowel and its pasting, very much as the excesses of medium.
The writing is often present and the words, sometimes surrealist, reflect Caribbean Sea blues, alizarin reds, Indian yellows, for moments of eternity, fugacious and soothing. Since 2000, on an indifferent base, I added acrylic (for wider coloured “aplats”), more and more present material (sand, sawdust, plaster, crushed paper) as well as sticking (papers and rags), in a slower, more traditional work, where the persons are anchored in every day life.
 My universe is the water, the stone, the fire, the blood, it is also the free and alleviated man who nourishes prints of the past to advance step by step, to leave traces, even modest, to those whom he loves. 
It remains to marry these two contradictory universes but, with the coming of age, one can feed the hope to discover one day the mysteries of the philosopher's stone.

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