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Beatriz Suarez Diez was born 21 years ago in a small town in the North-West of Spain called León. Since her very early years she discovered that art was wildly rushing through her veins, due to the heirloom that both her grandmother and father passed onto her. Having taken absolutely no course or undergoing education in the art field, she has always been self-taught. At the age of 6 she began producing her first pieces of artwork, being these just mere sketches depicting scenes of one of her many passions, dance. In the following years she went through a long period of inactivity regarding art production, concentrating mostly in her studies, only to pick her pencil up again at the age of 16. But, without the shadow of a doubt, her most mature and elaborated artworks saw the light on the summer of 2009, when inspired by a famous TV Show called "Moonlight", she started drawing again, slowly exploring the genre of "storyboarding" and "comic production". Taking inspiration from various films and TV Shows - all of them belonging to the science-fiction genre - she went on with her production, reaching the summit of her work during the years 2010 and 2011. Her favorite media is very simple, using only 8B pencils in A4 and A3 paper surfaces, mastering her field of expertise. Considering herself a portrait artist, she masters close-ups, focusing on the face and facial expressions, being the eyes her strong suit. She takes pride in exploring the depth of the character she is drawing by venturing into its very soul, hence making all the hidden expressions and emotions surface only to be printed upon her canvas.

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