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My tortures of the past

Are worn down with time

Like rain on wind blasted rock

It becomes less acute

Less important

less worthwhile

and you feel stupid for taking it so seriously

yet it was there

it mattered at the time

and you are still gurgling with anger

still grinding and grimacing and gurning

bubbling with scorn, vengeance, conflict, hunger

there is a word for it

to taste its flesh between your teeth

to feed on it

until it is no more

my trembling fury lays like a shining shard of silver in the

scarring the landscape

out of place


and all it does is squish its lips together

looks at me with spite

dirt in its eyes

“you should be ashamed” it says

Its voice lifts an octave like a little girl’s when it says

A crowd has gathered with it to mock me

I am a soiled tissue picked up with the ends of its

And it whines

I should be discarded

Disdained and reduced

Looked at with revulsion

A lesser being

I want to regurgitate my anger

My sense of helplessness

I have no right to reply

This undefinable point

Whom shall I aim it at?

The distaste

Croaking and groaning like a drunken memory

Of a loosened tongue

That is accepted

Is right

And is getting away with it

Like an insult for a stranger in the street

After they have all shut

And the sun is rising


I breathe with relief at my outburst

God I feel better for it

Fucking Cunts Fucking Pricks


Let it out

Scream into a pillow

Shout at the sportsmen

Just don’t say that

My air hole is blocked and I cannot breathe for

Ineptitude, incorrect, insipid, incalculable, ingrate,
enclosure, in, in, in.

I’m not IN

I am incapable, incoherent, infertile, inbred


Taking ONE WORD and finding meaning that wasn’t really there

The banal and ordinary substitute for your own

Incorrigible, inept, incoherent


You are a sea of lips and no voice


I had to look it up in the dictionary amongst all the INS

I settled on incompetency for three months when the right
word came to me all of a sudden as I sat on a bus on the way home from a








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