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Michel Romuald composes his work driven  by the movement of the life.
The senses on the alert, he questions and treats with a fate which he tries to tame by embodying himand colors. To paint is for him the way she(he) speaks to us about the world which surrounds him and by offering us the access to his own perception he shares without restraint his feelings and his values.
Michel Romuald is a man of meetings who blooms in the heat of the feelings. If certain artists create in the suffering and the abstraction, he draws, him, his creative strength from the serene dynamism, near his and far from the sterile tumult of the city.
The instinct which advises it in the choices of the life also drives its paint.
In hiswork, no chromatic or geometrical preference. In the same way as a day of life is subjected to quantity of influences, its paintings express just as much the happiness and the doubt, the expectation and the plenitude, the madness and the wisdom.
Some have the sensational light of one

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