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Born 1938 in Hamburg, Germany. Autodidact (self

Immo Jalass is a German artist known in The Netherlands
for his work at the end of the sixties that culminated in an group
exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam in 1969.
In the
new millennium, the artist has dedicated himself to computer art.
After replacing the easel with a computer monitor and the palette of
oil colors with digital graphics programs he is creating digital
images that are printed in only one certified copy on different media
according with the practical and aesthetic needs and demands. The
images presented by the artist are imaginary landscapes, abstract
expanses or shots of cities that seem to be taken on another planet.

The technique and the title of the exhibition:
Immo Jalass
starts with free composition, photos or parts of photos, sometimes
photos of a city and details of buildings. In this sense he sometimes
"steals" images from the reality. Later on (in front of his
"digital canvas") he begins to treat the images, to distort
them, to cut them, to remove or add details, colors and elements from
other photos or god knows from where. This process of "mystification"
of the reality leads to the creation of an image that overtakes and
goes beyond reality itself.

The pictures:
In his
bewildered landscapes Jalass captures the grandeur of the space
between the speed of light and the perpetual change and through the
computer he freezes and crystallizes this vision into an image that
takes on aspects of meditation and contemplation, or to put it in the
words of the artist into "images that rest in the movement”.
The use of the computers is fundamental in this process of
crystallization of the speed and the change (or "carpe diem").
Unlike canvas and oil paint the computer allows the creation and
variation of many images in a very fast speed. Jalass is always in
search of landscapes that contain or at least make you presume
"totality": the total image that can awake in the viewer
associations of omnipresence (ubiquity). The search for an image that
contains and sustains all the images is the goal of Jalass and even
though this is, according to the artist, a "a pure ideal
impossible to realize" we remain with the “partial” images -
on show in the gallery Radar - as a documentation of a valuable
artistic and meditative research.

The concept:
to Immo Jalass the "concept", "conceptual art",
"art without concept” ect. are scaffoldings often created due
to the lack of free and "primordial creativity”. On the other
hand - says the artist - culture creates these scaffoldings for the
purpose of development. Between these two extremes ("primordial
creativity" and “cultural concept”) there is the ultimate
picture, the work of art.
Conceptual art in the seventies led to
the definition of "everything is art” and the same Jalass has
played an active role in it with the project to exhibit the family
van Dijk at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Today Immo Jalass is
in search of total images that act as smart structures and are
opposed to found structures. The goal of Jalass is to create for the
viewer worlds of images of infinite vastness (through imaginary
landscapes) that are both exciting, eerie, inspiring, images that
should therefore be seen as "moments of eternity”.

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