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Maria Korkinova

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superbe galerie from nacer_eddine douadi - Saturday, Sep-05-2009
travaille proffessionel,belles compositions et trés belles couleurs ...bravo et bonne
jesuis également sur artabus.
Art from Craig Cantrell - Wednesday, Sep-02-2009
Hello Maria, your art work is very beautiful love the colors
thanks for your creativity & heart from Paul Davis - Friday, Apr-03-2009
Thanks Maria for your wonderful creativity, art, and heart.

Paul F. Davis
Good work indeed... from chandrashekhar marathe - Wednesday, Nov-21-2007
Your work reflects the true essence of modern fact, after viewing your gallery, i got an insight in to the world of abstracts. Really inspiring work indeed...
my congratulations maria from Mimoun Naaman - Sunday, Sep-02-2007
Good morning, your painting is as a carresse by the cordiality of your hands on the cloth which éxprime, the truth, you have put down your colours on the cloth of my life, the palette etend of Naaman has marries
C’est très douce et très calme from karim tabit - Monday, May-29-2006
Ton travaille et très très très.touchent je ne sais pas quoi vous dire vraiment vous étés une artiste magnifique. Bonne continuation
Très cordialement.

Funny... from K-rol Cordier - Monday, Apr-24-2006
Thanks for this fantastic trip into a funny world.
Wish you many good things
Art Professor, Colby-Sawyer college, New London, NH, USA from John Bott - Saturday, Dec-31-2005
Your art work is very beautiful and very professional. You should include your prices.
wowie from marina marina - Sunday, Nov-13-2005
truly inspirational

BON TRAVAIL... from thierry jourdan - Monday, Sep-27-2004
Félicitations pour tout ton travail. Je trouve ca trés intéressant et trés inspiré. en esperant voir tes toiles un jour pour de vraie.
Bien à toi Thierry
I like your paintings from Svetlana Doignies - Wednesday, Aug-04-2004
They are so well made, I'm really impressed. And such a huge imagination!! I'll come back surely.
Thanks from Ivanka Kalimanova - Thursday, Jan-22-2004
Milo dete,
Dalboko udovletvorenie poluchih ot razhodkata si iz tvoia site.
Blagodaria ti za hubavite minuti, izjiviani po vreme na tova patuvane.
Celuvam te
Beautiful ikons from Dan Civa - Sunday, Nov-23-2003
Hi Maria Korkinova-Kostova.
Your art works are small in cm, but big in quality. I like your beautiful ikons and the colours. The small abstractions are happy in colours and funny. Still you are young, and I wish you good luck in the future, from an elder man with many years of experience.
Best regards from
Dan Civa, Danish painter
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