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Mukul Pipalia

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Bravo from Sal Valenti - Tuesday, Aug-03-2010
Wonderful and colors are fantastic.
wonderful from Zeba haider - Tuesday, Jun-15-2010
Hi Mukul ! Its been long time. we have almpst lost contact.. today was surfing the Net and stumbled into your Art Gallery...where are you these days?? wonderful work ..though there are some new addition since I last saw but no new entry after '06 ..Regards Shaira
Message from Mel from Mel McFall - Thursday, Sep-04-2008
Hi Mukul,

These paintings and photos are excellent! Thanks so much for sharing them with me. My favorites are Ghost Town Translucent and Landscape 3! The abstract work just draws you in with interest.

Remarkable! from Robert Lilly - Wednesday, Nov-14-2007
Hi Mukul, I have just referred some of ur paintings to a friend of mine who enjoys art. Some of these paintings aquire a little more attention than others, but breathtaking at the same time. Please keep me updated.
Beautiful! from Shari Helmer - Tuesday, Jan-09-2007
Love your colors and your work ... what a pleasure to see your progression as an artist. Love and good wishes from Tel-Aviv, sgh
work from the heart! from Annette Steens - Monday, Jan-08-2007
Hi Mukul, this is really honest work! Colours bright and strong! Go on like that!

Pleasure to meet you and an honor to see your paintings ! from Jerry Dominguez - Tuesday, Nov-28-2006
Your paintings provoke thoughts and emotions within me, very powerful work and intense use of red an blues.
Stunning!! from Theresa Rankin - Thursday, Jul-13-2006
Great portfolio full of stunning work! Your photographs and abstracts are a feast for the eyes!
Fabulous! from Analua ZoƩ - Saturday, Apr-29-2006
Simply gorgeous and a magnific profusion of colors!!! Deep, bright and great work Mukul!!!
Mukul from Mette Bjertingstad - Tuesday, Apr-25-2006
I send you my congratulation Mukul! You were on the frontside of Artabus
"Some artwork randomly chosen within 16858 paintings, drawings and sculptures"
Excellent from Shireen Aryana - Thursday, Mar-30-2006
I like your paintings, shows you have a good vision for the abstract. They are very meaningful. Do keep up the great works. He who has an art, has every where a part.

Overview of Gallery- short visit from Steven Walsh - Wednesday, Mar-29-2006
Mukul, Wonderful colors. Your work includes images that I can identify with. Thank you, Steven
Message from Iowa from Michiyo S - Saturday, Mar-25-2006
Wonderful paintings! Your progress is amazing!
Untitled from Mette Bjertingstad - Thursday, Mar-16-2006
You have great paintings. Especially the on that is Untitled, wonderful light and clours in it. Regards
great paintings mama from Yash Doshi - Sunday, Dec-11-2005
u hav drawn grt paintings mama keep up d good work anyways i also love music
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