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Elena Lasovskaya

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Kupim optom from Ivan Voschititelno!! - Tuesday, Aug-31-2010
Ал., спасибо! Мы с Ниной гордимся твоими творениями.
Куплю свой портрет 60Х70 за приличные деньги.
Иван Иванов.
Нина готова сделать крупный заказ как только отдадим долги.
your artwork ... from Yuna Parmentier - Wednesday, Apr-07-2010
Very good gallery, I love particularly nudes and emotions! Very good!
Congratulations Elena!
Yvette, painter/Artabus
Brilliant and touching! from Sergei Glushkov - Friday, Jun-15-2007
Nerve breaking. The whole gallery makes you feel something elusive and beyond the recognition. A sweet odour of ozone after a thunderstorm when stillness falls everywhere? Or a sense of excitement, just before the crisis comes? I don't know. Who does? The Violent Serenity is, perhaps, a most special...Thank you, Alyona
amazing from Klara Pekarova - Wednesday, Nov-29-2006
Dear Alyona,
it´s fabouls how you can paint and draw. Please keep going.
Hello from Mette Bjertingstad - Friday, Nov-17-2006
Great watercolours! Special I like "Merriage"! artabus.com/bjertingstad
From Russia with LOVE from Vlad - Monday, Oct-30-2006
I've seen many of your works before, they are very good, and today i saw the "time for a change" serie and i liked them very much as well. What leads you to create those ones? Thank you.
nice work from Han Stuster - Thursday, Oct-26-2006
Your work does express so much, very nice work
Kudos from Washington, DC from Steve O\'Hearn - Wednesday, Apr-26-2006
Alyona! You're a brilliant artist, I love your work, I love the passion and emotion that comes across, and I think your titles are enchanting and as creative as the art itself. Great job! Don't forget us little people.

- Steve
Hi from Emmanuel Reuß - Monday, Apr-17-2006
Hi Alyona,

i´m impressed..... your works are so nice. I wish i could draw with feelings like you do.

I love your work - it is excellent. from Ludolf Grollé - Monday, Mar-27-2006
Congratulations on your gallery - perhaps you will let me know some prices. my site is artabus.com/rochefort
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