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Benjamin Znidarsic

Benjamin Znidarsic's guest book

18 Messages from Bernd Wittschinski - Saturday, Aug-17-2013
Hallo, Benjamin, Ingrid und ich, wir freuen uns schon sehr darauf, Dich am 27.08.2013 in Postojna wiederzusehen und Dein von Dir auf-
gebautes Kunst-Centrum in Podcerkev (nach Eurer Ausstellung im Mai 2011 im Atrium in Hagen) kennenzulernen und mit Dir zu malen.
belles constructions from MARTINE OLIVIER VIGROUX - Monday, Apr-01-2013
je trouve vos tableaux abstraits particulièrement intéressants ! vous avez certainement
encore beaucoup de choses à dire dans cet immense domaine !
bravo et continuez.
Amazing work, from Russell Thompson - Friday, Mar-22-2013
I'm a young artist, i love to paint the sea and ships, i hope someday
ill be able to paint as great as you...

Bravo et merci from jean jourdan - Friday, May-18-2012
J'admire les gens de votre force qui ne baissent pas les bars et ne passent pas leur temps à se plaindre . Ma fille est également tétraplégique et vit dans un établissement . Je vais de temps en temps les faire peindre . Ils y trouvent un grand plaisir .... et même du bonheur
Bravo pour votre talent et merci pour votre exemple
congratulation from tita marouane - Thursday, Mar-15-2012
your paintings are wonderfull specially landscape, a man who paint with his heart touch directly our heart . good work benjamin keep it up . friend from artabus : marouane ben tita
Quel exemple ! from Delice - Wednesday, Feb-08-2012
Quel exemple que vous donnez aux gens valides. Vous avez beaucoup de talents et avec ce courage si immense ,vous nous montrez avec générosité votre goût pour l'image , pour la peinture , et pour l'art en général . Votre oeil est votre deuxième cerveau . Continuez ainsi pour vous et pour notre plaisir.

Very nice art work from christine slimani - Monday, Jan-09-2012

Hi Benjamin - I find your gallery and I am surprised by the skill with which you express yourself. My preference is for: Girl with dog, Pelerin V, Olive Tree, Bunch III. I wish you good luck this year and 2012 sees all your art projects are completed. Congratulations Artist. Christine Slimani (Artabus)

Congratulations from Danielle Bellefroid - Saturday, Jan-07-2012
Congratulations on your talent. your passion for painting is a remedy
Beautiful new creation and Happy New Year 2012.
Very nice work ! from Françoise DAUVERGNE - Wednesday, Jan-04-2012
I saw your gallery and I was very happy to see your paintings; I prefer your landscapes on the sea.
Kind regards,
Wonderful from Sal Valenti - Thursday, Aug-12-2010
Very nice work. congrats.
Znidarsic name - possible relation from Karen Wallace - Sunday, Oct-14-2007
First - your work is very good! When searching internet for husbands maternal family name ran across your name and the town Podcerkev. We believe his family might have come from that town around 1905. At least two sons, Jernej and Matt came to US. We think another son and a sister as well. Are you from Podcerkev?

***Thank you*** from Josefin J - Saturday, Mar-10-2007
Thank you for sharing your art !!!!!!
from Josefin
BRAVO... from Luc POTTIEZ - Sunday, Feb-18-2007
Magnifique ce que vous faites !
Je vous admire beaucoup depuis Bruxelles (Belgique)
3 x W
Hi, new here. from Cristina Marsi - Sunday, Dec-31-2006
Hi, I just joined and was browsing around... was attracted by your Predjama castle, and then i found Piran, and Venice, and your wonderful sea paintings... It is nice to find a neighbour on the Internet. Greetings from Trieste :)
Cristina marsi
Beautiful colors, nicely executed paintings! from Anne Fraker - Thursday, Dec-07-2006
Love your sea and landscapes, they have beautiful abstract/impressionist qualities.
Incroyable from jean-philippe bautista - Saturday, Nov-18-2006
Sinceres félicitations...
Que du bonheur...
Beautiful work! from David Znidarsic - Tuesday, Oct-31-2006

When searching for our surname on the internet, I found this site. Your art is wonderful.

fabulious art work. from suzanne crate - Sunday, Oct-29-2006
Your paintings are fantastic. I love the details. keep it up. and best of luck.
Suzanne Crate
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