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Love your work from - Wednesday, Apr-26-2017
Dear Olga, Your website is very impressive. I love your elegant paintings. I an very glad you visited my website. Like you, I am both a scientist and a painter. While science and art are apparently different disciplines one can be innovative in both. Kind regards, Abraham Fisher
Un bel univers from Jocelyne CHAIGNE - Tuesday, Feb-02-2016
J'aime beaucoup votre univers d'illusions et de rêves...Bravo!
Your beautiful work from Richard Pearce - Monday, Jun-18-2012
I just had the good fortune of finding one of your beautiful works at a tag sale here in southern Vermont! Your colors and abstract themes are breathtaking! It is something I will display prominently in my home and cherish always.
Good Luck from Anna Medvedeva - Tuesday, Oct-11-2011
Hi Olga!
I wish your good luck with your exhibition!
I love your portrait! It is great and artistic.
Best wishes,
Love your work Olga! from Wayne Bonney - Sunday, Feb-13-2011
Very interesting work Olga! I find it very interesting and delightful.
Thanks Olga. May you have a Great Year. Wayne
дуже гарнo from walter dmytrenko - Thursday, Jan-06-2011
dear ms dmytrenko, your work is lovely. thank you for the beauty. . . wd
I love your art! from Maria-Anna van Driel - Tuesday, Jan-04-2011

Hello Olga,

I looked at your work and I like what I see especially ‘Demon’
‘Sensation in Yellow’ and 'One blue sky and lost empire’.
When I look at those paintings I get the feeling that I can look in to
a world that lays in the future...I can almost see the movements.
I really love it!!!

With love, Maria Anna. (South Africa)
SUPER OLGA from Annick Prod'homme - Friday, Feb-19-2010
I had not been on your site for too long... and what a pleasure discovering grande
etude,moon symphony, leaf season, transcendance... and so many. GREIT ! as ever...
Great Work! from Juan Romagosa - Sunday, Jan-31-2010
Your site looks great Olga!

You and your art from Kit Carson - Thursday, Jan-28-2010
You are the best of the best.

Au message de Olga Dmytrenko from Bo xiao Li - Friday, Sep-25-2009
Je ne comprends pas le français. J'utilise un logiciel de traduction pour vous donner un message. Espère que vous comprenez ce que je veux dire!
Au message de Olga Dmytrenko from Bo xiao Li - Friday, Sep-25-2009
Bonjour! Mon nom est Bo Xiao. Je suis une chinoise! I love your work! Et vous voulez devenir amis!
Your art from Bernhard Mueller - Wednesday, Sep-02-2009
Brian D. Morrison is exactly right. Your art work is among the best I have ever seen: soft colours blending into each other and sharp edges with perfect shadows create an universe of phantasy. Soon I will be an owner of one of your works temporarily. This makes me feel great.
Une contribution riche from Brian D. Morrison - Tuesday, Jun-23-2009
Je considère les oeuvres d'Olga Dmytrenko un découverte régénératrice pour n'importe quel artiste incliné vers l'expression abstraite et, d'ailleurs, une contribution riche à ce site. Parfois, on imagine des traces de Yves Tanguy, mais la créativité est bien présente. Elle n'aime pas se répéter. La plupart des artistes, ceux qui ne sentent aucune contrainte (professionnel ou autrement) et qui sont résolus à donner expression à leurs émotions intérieures, comprendront pourquoi.

Peut-être ses expériences en tant que physicien ont laissé des images qui sortent sur une toile à un moment postérieur. En effet, si on s'intéresse pour sonder dans le monde microscopique du scientifique ou du biologiste, on découvre un trésor plein des fractales et l'autre dessins inspirants.
Ses compositions sont impeccablement équilibrées. Je ne dis pas que j'aime tout également ; vous êtes libre pour choisir vos favoris, aussi.

Cependant, si vous voudriez vraiment apprendre quelque chose au sujet de la couleur et comment la maîtriser, regardez la palette judicieusement restreinte dans, par exemple, le “Kingdom of Dreams” ou “Scorpion Scherzo”. Il n'y a aucun « hotchpotch », tapoter dans chaque pot de peinture, mais un choix judicieux, une gamme qui souligne le message de conception.

Je suis curieux, néanmoins, pour savoir comment la « Spanish Dance » a été exécutée réellement. Bien, prenons une conjecture : une possibilité aurait été de brosser les acryliques dans les stries de la peinture métallique sèche. La frustration pour les amateurs d’art sur l’Internet est le fait que la résolution des images est toujours restreinte, et on a peu de possibilités d'apprécier les détails et la texture. La seule solution dans ce cas est de faire un effort aller voir les originaux.
Brian Douglas Morrison, Montpellier

A Rich Contribution from Brian D. Morrison - Monday, Jun-22-2009
I consider the work of Olga Dmytrenko a refreshing discovery for any fellow-artist inclined towards abstract expression and, moreover, a rich contribution to this site. Here and there one might detect shades of Yves Tanguy, but the creativity is highly original. She does not like to repeat herself, either. Most artists under no constraint or obligation, and expressing their inner emotions, will understand why.

Perhaps her experiences as a physicist left images which come out on canvas at a later moment. Indeed, if one cares to probe into the microscopic world of the scientist or biologist, there is a complex treasure-trove of fractals and other inspiring designs awaiting the curious. Her compositions are impeccably balanced. I do not say I like all of them equally; you are bound to have your favourites, too.

If you would like to learn a more about mastering color, look at the judiciously restricted palette in “Kingdom of Dreams” or “Scorpion Scherzo”. There is no hotchpotch, dabbing into every (acrylic) paint-pot, but a judicious choice, a gamut which underlines the design message.

I am a little curious to know how “Spanish Dance” was actually executed. Well, let’s take a guess: one possibility would have been to add the acrylics later within the dried streaks of metallic paint. What is so frustrating for Internet art-fans is the fact that the resolution of the images is very restricted, and one has therefore little chance of appreciating the fine details or texture. The only solution then is to go and see the originals -- if you are in the Delaware/Philadelphia region.
Brian Douglas Morrison, Montpellier

Beautiful from Bernadette Riaux - Saturday, May-16-2009
A world of colors is very beautiful

friend from Sytnikova Olga - Sunday, Apr-26-2009
O-BAL-DET`!!!! Prekrasno, neobichno, jarko! Ti prosto umnitsa - chto nachala pisat` Ne vrubilas - chto za tehnika! No eto ne vagno. SUPER!
good mood from German - Thursday, Apr-09-2009
All my best to you. I feel Kandinsky too.... Always remember Forever
Nice website! from Peter M - Thursday, Feb-26-2009
Hello Olga, this is quite a progressive site. Appreciated.
Great Site! from bob - Tuesday, Feb-17-2009
Love your site!

Beautiful!!! from Yuna Parmentier - Thursday, Feb-12-2009
Wonderful galery : all in colors, themes I love!
You too dear Olga had painted "in the net"!
Your work is very very beautiful!
hello from Yuna Parmentier - Tuesday, Feb-10-2009
I'm new on this site, I've just seen your very beautiful gallery, I favorite your colored paintings, I'm too painter (yparmentier on this site). I hope to be your friend!
felicitations from coco ALIX - Thursday, Feb-05-2009
A new French fan today. it was a real pleasure going through your beautifull paintings. Félicitations.
VERY IMPRESSED from Annick Prod'homme - Friday, Jan-30-2009
really very impressed but all your work, so light and so strong at the same time. Clouds, grey
fantaisy, sky high... Beautiful light and harmony.
Quel beau voyage.
Some very creative works of art from Encee Dubyah - Saturday, Nov-22-2008
As my title line says, your art is so creative!
I have some of my mundane creations on my.opera./salinas50/albums/
And have an idea that you may have seen some of my art at ArtFriends. I think you are so very good and wish I could emulate your work. But, I am able to do those works I do...So, thanks for inspiring me!
art from JET III - Sunday, Jul-13-2008
Hi Olga thanks for all your support and friendship. It's really great meeting many talented artists such as yourself from around the globe on Artbreak.
Chapeaux bas! from Maga Fabler - Monday, Apr-21-2008
Oh, Olga! Your art is so fresh, free and unlimited. I do love your dynamic simplicity ('Basso Ostinato'), your exciting 3D space ('Moon Symphony'), your intriguing vibration of orange & blue ('Feel Flows'). Chapeaux bas! - yours Maga Fabler (prisoner of realism)
compliments from louis serrano - Tuesday, Apr-15-2008
Thanks a lot for your message on artbreak , i see your website and it's very impressive , great!
your question about landscapes , yes i do for the fun ,for you i unplued some to show you on artbreak, but don't forget it's just to relax me.
All my best.

Hey Olga...beautiful artworks! from Libra Larki - Thursday, Mar-20-2008
Hey Olga,...Nice to meet you here,very nice artworks!
I like very much " Basso ostinato"...i wish you good luck!
Etranges chimères from Lady REDPANCAKE - Wednesday, Mar-19-2008
I like very much all your creations.
J'aime surtout vos tableaux abstraits au tons dorés.
Bravo !
I congratulate on a holiday!!!! from Isakov Denis - Saturday, Mar-08-2008
Hello Olga. At you remarkable pictures. With a holiday you on March, 8th!
Hello Olga from Mette Bjertingstad - Saturday, Jan-19-2008
Had a look at your paintings again Olga - you have so many great things! And I am so happy we have one of them here at home. Regards from Mette and Norway :) artabus.com/bjertingstad
MANAGER from ONYEZE ONYEZE - Monday, Sep-10-2007
Love your art from Visionary Imagist - Sunday, Aug-05-2007
I am glad to see your art here. I do enjoy viewing your art along with so many other fine artists here at this site. I hope that all is well with you and that you are able to paint more. I love your work. Continued success in all that you do!
visionary imagist "Joey"
All from Kit Carson - Wednesday, Aug-01-2007
You are the best of the best.
Budapest from Éva E.Szabó - Sunday, Jul-22-2007
Dear Olga!
Your works are wonderful dreams.I wish you lot of successsful creations.
greetig: Éva

beautiful from anne-sophie valepin - Monday, May-07-2007
hello, sorry but I don't speak english
but marshmallow is very beautiful
I like your paint
bravo anne-sophie
Mr. from Kit Carson - Monday, Dec-25-2006
After a certain high level of technical skill is achieved, science and art tend to coalesce in esthetics, plasticity, and form. The greatest scientists are always artists as well." ~ Albert Einstein

This is my perception of you. This is who you are and you are magnificent.

With love always.
Your Artwork is captivating from Geppe Hernandez - Sunday, Dec-10-2006
Your work is fascinating and easy to get acquainted with. It appears to me a chronicle from all of us – The movement, the shape and tones reflect a particular state of mind. Fantastic! Congratulations on Sky High as well. We’d love to see your work in person. Keep me posted on your next exhibit.

none from Kit Carson - Tuesday, Dec-05-2006
Your art work is marvelous. Spellbinding
........reakcija na Ambassador 2005, Belgium :)......... from Tatiana Mattioli - Friday, Dec-01-2006
u Vas esty interesnije abstraktnije raboti,
kak lubopitno Vi mislite .........
S uvazsenijem,

wooahhhh from Annie Li - Monday, Nov-06-2006
message for anna.....
i didn't know ur mom was soooo good
DREAM! from Annette Steens - Tuesday, Sep-19-2006
I am so impressed! I like to stay in the colours, the magic and so on!It's wonderful and it's not a dream you know.........
Good luck!
waouh.... from anne sophie viallon - Monday, May-22-2006
Sublime...Voilà ma petite phrase...difficile d'expliquer ce que l'on ressent...C'est doc gagné..
Beautiful from Ludolf Grollé - Monday, Apr-17-2006
Wonderful - awe inspiring work Olga. I love it.
Maybe we can have a joint exhibition one day.
Kind regards - Ludo
Paintings from Jan Skorb - Sunday, Feb-19-2006
I love Your work,I've studio gallery in Chicago Art District,if You wish to have exhibition in
Chicago,You're Welcome!
Jan Skorb
Your work is great! from Angela Angela Taylor - Sunday, Feb-19-2006
Olga,I looked at your work and I love it! It's great to be able to express one's self as you do. :) Bravo!!!!!
hi from kosta kachkahev - Wednesday, Feb-08-2006
ALL !!!
KRASNAYA zvezda ? u faraona? :)
coooooool !!!
love it,great works
Wonderful work! from Marc Doutherd - Wednesday, Feb-01-2006
I think your work is wonderful!
That's all beautiful!!! from Pedro Nunes - Sunday, Jan-15-2006
Hello Olga

I’m very impressed by the excellence of your biography, so much talent and recognition in a beautiful woman!

I wish you a good new year for you and your work.

Best Regards,

Pedro Nunes

Olya, eto zdOrovo! from Janna Ali - Wednesday, Jan-11-2006
Nadeyus', ne nakajut menia za russkiy yazik zdes'...
Olia, ya perviy raz v jizni deystvitel'no voshishhena abstrakciey! Obichno eto... ne moyo, chto li.. No vashi - eto deystvitel'no zdOrovo vo vceh otnosheniyah! Tem bolee priyatno, chto eti kartini napisani chelovekom c obshhei so mnoy Podinoi. Gorjus'... Udachi vam, zdorov'ya i vdohnoveniya!
Congratulation Olga!!!! from Pepita Selles - Thursday, Dec-01-2005
Congratulation Olga!!!!
To be the winner of the special award.
Best wishes from Pepita.
And may always the sun shines where you are.
Have awonderful weekend..
hi Olga from EGYPT from mohamed Ghazala - Thursday, Dec-01-2005
These paintings really strike a chord from Faith Puleston - Wednesday, Sep-21-2005
I particularly like the meticulous work and wonderful color harmonies. Music for the eyes.
Good morning from NORMA NAVA - Tuesday, Aug-23-2005
Beautiful works.Congratulations, Olga.
Greetings from andrew wielawski - Monday, Aug-22-2005
If I look at your work long enough, I'm going to find some of your ideas creeping into mine! Very inspiring.
You are GREAT! from Sergey Siemenyakin - Wednesday, Aug-03-2005
Olya, I'm your schoolmate. It's great and astonishing to see the ransform of scientist to artist :-)))
I wish you all the best in your arts, life ... and Faith!
More people should see your site! from Madame Vanessa Cody - Wednesday, Aug-03-2005
Your work is excellent. I wish I had talent like that. Let me offer to allow you to link your site to my sites to get you some free publicity.
therafflehouse .com grabmybux .com visitorinvasion .com byte-size .biz More people should see your work. All I can do is abstracts, and I am very impressed with your illusions.
Excellent work! from Andrew Schreijer - Thursday, Jul-07-2005
Absolutely Beautifull! I'm man of few word so I'll just leave it at that. Beautiful!
I Love Your Stuff Too! from marc Doutherd - Saturday, Jun-18-2005
Thank you for your appreciation! I love what you do and for me its in the moment emotiomally.Thats what I feel from your art. We'll probably meet some day and I'll tell you what I mean then. My Best to you! Marc Doutherd
Incredible Works from Richard Santos - Tuesday, Jun-14-2005
Hello, Olda! Just dropped by to visit your gallery and wanted to say I am thrilled to see such beautifully, rich work. Your style is very vibrant and intricate, at the same time. I enjoy them very much and look forward to seeing more of your works in the future. Thanks and My Best to You...
Greetings from USA www.alexandersadoyan.com from Alexander Sadoyan - Monday, Jun-06-2005
Prekrastnie kartini

S bolshim uvajeniem
looking through your gallery from paul douglas - Tuesday, May-31-2005
Olga,looking through all the work here,series of paintings together and good and amazing titles to some of them,there is a sense of limitless possibilities contained in a lot of these paintings,forms becoming other forms and then dissolving into something else,and some rich and unusual patterning,in combination with the other forms,original,and emotive states,at various levels of intensities,and a kind of inner space about them,images from the id,a feeling of a particular mind specializing in itself.
Stunning artwork,Olga from Pepita Selles - Wednesday, May-25-2005
Thanks Olga for be so kind.
I had a wonderful time here today also.
Sat a while with the artwork"Wisdom"
And admirer the colors and your paintstyle.
And I can say that your talent really shines so bright.*s*

hi from kosta kachkahev - Thursday, May-19-2005
hi olya
i love this picture :)
well done !

artistpainting from muller jean francois - Monday, May-16-2005
artist muller jean francois
greetings from EGYPT from mohamed Ghazala - Wednesday, Apr-27-2005
Drastee !!! cak de la ?
really i love all your art works, very wonderful and unique, you really so talanted..keep up good works..
i love kiyv too..i was there last summer in andravisky street , artistic street..woow, so beautiful country..
bye from EGYPT
My site :
your work from redboy - Monday, Apr-25-2005
there is something in everything you create that i love. 3 of my favorites
are tropical shine wisdom and magic hen....absolutely shamanistic work
deep and rich in messages and "poARTry" indeed art from the eARTh's
heART.......crow know and so do redboy

Expressionism from marilyn - Tuesday, Apr-19-2005
It takes a special person to be able to create such expressive works.................fantastic!!
Special woman from Han Stuster - Friday, Apr-15-2005
Olga, I did look again at your art, you are an artist in heart and soul.
I love your art, It must be a great feeling to escape sometimes from scientific. You are a great woman in every sence of the word.
Love your work! from Gary Reef - Monday, Mar-07-2005
Hi Olga, i checked out your site and i can appreciate your work.It has a kandinsky feel to it in some way...I really liked Illusions, that was right up my street (Australian saying)
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