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Maria-Anna van Driel

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your art and the old country from nels bentson - Sunday, Jan-29-2012
l look forward to
seeing more work
and learning more.
about. your. country
on Facebook

Good Luck Maria Anna from Itahi Marquez - Saturday, Jan-21-2012
I know that whatever you do with your life will be great. You are a great artist and a beautiful person too. (I know... I said that before but I really mean it and I don't want you to forget) Your creativity and imagination will take you far. I wish you the best and I'm very glad to have you as a friend... you truly are an inspiration for many of us... take care.
Congratulations from Thomas van Brunschot - Thursday, Jan-19-2012
congratulations with the great success of your solo exposition
Hi Maria! from Subramanian Ramesh - Saturday, Nov-12-2011
Wow! lovely collection, very creative and aesthetically beautiful! Keep going and let me know more of your works!
deine Arbeit from Lotshi - Monday, Oct-31-2011
finde deine Arbeiten sehr interessant,mutig und sie hinterlassen bei mir den Mut selber weiter zu machen.Bravo für dich.

bravo from patrick priem - Friday, Sep-30-2011
Maria, proficiat.
Ook heel leuk om die site te hebben leren kennen.
re thanks from jemerson flynn - Sunday, Jul-31-2011
loving your work thanks for adding me
just to say "hello" :))) from Daisy Dantas - Friday, Jul-08-2011
Hello Maria-Anna, I was taking a look at your page, congrats!
Keep on making your beautiful art !!!!
Kiiiiiisses :)))
Cool original works! from Olga Dmytrenko - Thursday, Jan-06-2011
Hi Maria-Anna! I am most impressed with your creative approach and infinite imagination.
I can feel your joy and fun put in your art works. Broken line, Human lust, Starlight (great
texture and fascinating incorporation of yeloww on B&W abstractish background), Universal
Thoughts (love the concept, great realization) and Unisex (great sense of humor) are my
favorite. Bravo! Looking forward to see your new works.
Merci! from Dominique Petit - Wednesday, Jan-05-2011
Bonsoir Maria-Maria,
Merci beaucoup pour ton passage dans ma galerie et pour ton appréciation concernant mes sculptures.
Je te souhaite la bienvenue sur le site Artabus et bonne continuation au niveau artistique.
bravo ! from Yuna Parmentier - Sunday, Jan-02-2011
So original and expressive gallery Maria Anna !!! i love !!!
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