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Igor Grechanyk

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Your exhibit at P & C gallery in Georgetown in Washington, DC, USA from Joan Jordano - Sunday, Aug-29-2010
I just wanted to say how amazing your sculpture exhibit at the P & C Gallery was tonight. I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work.
bravo from lamia jomni - Thursday, Feb-15-2007
your masterpieces are connotating your high sesibility and your real craft. May God help you and grant you all inspiration to bring into life such marvelous artistic pieces that reflect nothing but your gift.
Just wonderful! from Eva Deakne Nemeth - Sunday, Jan-28-2007
You have wonderful artworks!
My day is beginning with sunshine today!
Thank you! VIC from Hungary
Future into my eyes! from Yun MOON - Monday, Aug-14-2006
Imaginative power!
Magnificent Art of Igor Grechanyk from Micheal Teal - Friday, Jul-21-2006
The Art of Igor Grechanyk is Fresh and Inspired . His work touches the depths within as it Honours the Beauty of Creation. His Unique Artistic Spirit is a ray of Sunshine that Embraces the Spirit. Each piece is utterly Original . Igor utilizes his natural Gifts to Create a vast ocean of Perspective and Passion.

When one views the Magnificent Art of Igor Grechanyk they are privy to the Whisperings of his Soul. His Creative Endeavors Celebrate the Mystical Nature of Life while making ones Heart Sing. With Peace and Eloquence Igor Inspires the viewer . Igors Sculptures are like Raindrops from Heaven as they are Evocative and Ethereal.

The Art of Igor Grechanyk is an Oasis of Beauty where the Waters run sweet. Igors Heartfelt Spirit is Reflected in his work and his Expressions of Creativity give voice to the Ancestors with Profound Truth and Transcendent Grace. Igors Art Echoes in our Hearts and Minds. His Artistic Explorations are a Rose Garden of Joyous Expression that Blossoms with Diversity and Dignity while Radiating Honesty. Igor Grechanyks Art is a Richly Rewarding Imaginative Reflection and Poetic Expression that Communicates Authentically his Personal Vision and Totality of Being.
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