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Dorian Haqmoun

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Impressive! from Nafi Nafi Hakki - Tuesday, Jul-21-2009
Dear Mr. Haqmoun,

I really liked your biography which shows your great talents and works that you have done in painting. I know that I should visited all your provided links but could not find that time to comment.

I am so happy and grateful for the online freindship.
Finally i'm here :):) from Reem Derbala - Sunday, May-31-2009
Great gallery Dorain! But where's my fav paintings ( Nefertiti) :)
the Website Artabus and the paintings from Mayar Mohammed - Monday, Apr-06-2009
Dear Dorian, Thank you for capturing all the serenity of old and modern Egypt in your paintings, they relax my eyes and soul.Lately, I have been meeting Egyptians and Muslims by spirit and not by passport of ID.
Your friend and neighbor, Mayar Hassan Mohammed
I will postpone art lessons from Mayar Hassan Mohammed - Tuesday, Dec-09-2008
Dear Mr. Dorain,
Unfortunately we won't be able to start the private classes next Monday at 6pm. I will contact to set another date.
Thank you very much for your visit. And you can sure call me if there an interesting Art Gallery at the Gezira Art center.
Mrs. Mayar
Beauty brought to Life from Will - Monday, May-12-2008
the colours and shapes express themselves through feelings expressed through the colours
and shapes, all with beauty. Thanks for being you.
Thank you.. from Amru Salahuddien - Tuesday, Mar-18-2008
Thank you for being a painter, Dorian. Your colors takes the viewer into a deep long bassage leading to a massive vestibule that makes me feel warmth with cool colors, cool with warm colors...
You're creating a circle of your own colors, that makes me wonder if blue is really cool, or yellow is really warm.
Thank you for being a painter.

Amru Salahuddien, Egypt
Freedom of the dove. from Ash Khan - Wednesday, Feb-20-2008
At last the Dove is able to spread its wings when for so long it has known its restriction. The walls of the mind, built by the confines of the needs & demands of others, are finally taken away. Its a pleasure, even for the only recently conscious, to see the colour of your life explode into your work. Be free, you look wonderful!!

Ash x
Awesome paintings from Adam Rhodes - Wednesday, Feb-06-2008
Great work you're doing here, Dorian. Do keep up the splendid work - Bomag
Lumière from Izabelle Dafali - Wednesday, Jan-09-2008
Thanks for your message!
J'ai été sensible par votre remarque. J'ai découvert vos toiles et j'étais éblouie par vos couleurs franches. J'ai ressenti dans vos peinture une envie d'exprimer le même thème que moi, mais de manière différente. L'idée d'un passage suivit d'une ouverture vers un inconnu avec des mots clé comme Espace/Lumière/Curiosité/Dédales/Visible-Invisible...
Bonne continuation!
Dafali Izabelle
great from Nicola Hobson - Tuesday, Jan-08-2008
Dear Dorian ,
it is lovely to see what wonderful influence your move had on your art ,it was obviously the right thing to do..I especially like Satyagraha ,can you send that to me as afile..:)??and the passages series is stunning..:)
Love it! from Stephanie Dodson - Monday, Jan-07-2008
A wonderful showcase for your lovely works!
Stunning Work from LM LM - Sunday, Jan-06-2008
Your work is absolutely stunning! From the tones and contrasts, to the flow and lines, each painting brings such illumination and emotion.

Beautiful, beautiful!
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