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Sylvie Allard Zwierzchowska

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nice... from Tony! Zwierzchowski - Saturday, Feb-09-2008
Hey! Put up more pics! Im gonna cry!
Talents cachés from christine dube - Wednesday, Sep-26-2007

Super!!! from Pierre Bergeron - Wednesday, Sep-19-2007
Sylvie m'a dit d'aller voir ton site et j'ai été très impressionné par les peintures que tu as faîtes. Elles sont vraiment très belles, très réalistes. Tu as beaucoup de talent.
Quel talent! from Sylvie Trépanier - Wednesday, Sep-19-2007
Tes oeuvres sont superbes... c'est un vrai plaisir de les regarder. Milles bravos!!!
Mr.X Beautiful Paintings from Jonathan Holguin - Tuesday, Sep-18-2007
These paintings are magnificent Sylvie!!!! I love them all!!! I have never seen anything like them. I love them Especially the one with the boat on the water. Whenever I look at it I feel like I'm on the boat and am actually sailing.
Still takes me away!!! from Miriam Zwierzchowska - Tuesday, Sep-18-2007
Your paintings reflect your eternal optimism and your soft outlook on life. I love the Vivi colors! I hope that you paint again soon.
Best I've Seen from James EPTG JamesKryack - Tuesday, Sep-18-2007
The Title says it all. These are definently the best pieces of artwork I've ever seen, and being Hawaiian, we have quite a bit of artwork. Brava!
As always from Richard Zwierzchowski - Monday, Sep-17-2007
I see these paintings everyday and still love them as much as when they were first painted. Too bad the jpgs don't do them justice.
I hope you continue painting.

(a secret admirer)
Absolutely beautiful from Nadia Zwierzchowska - Monday, Sep-17-2007
I love your work. Every single piece has its own unique feel, like a window into your mood at the time. I love how you experiment with different subjects, lighting, textures. I especially love allée provençale. Its simplicity and warmth are very endearing.
I hope to see more of your work!
Very lovely! from Ornette - Monday, Sep-17-2007
Greetings from Thor! Your sailboat is my favorite, all are wonderful! You have a great eye for colors and shadows :)
loJack from Bryan Draper - Monday, Sep-17-2007
Love the painting's. Good job.
Very nice from EPTG Sc00ter - Monday, Sep-17-2007
That is beautiful Syvie!! Very captivating paintings, I love the soft colors and the shadow work is awesome!

Please let some of that talent rub off on Richard. :)
Wonderful from Charles Thronson - Monday, Sep-17-2007
Wonderful artistic talent and beautiful paintings. It is our hope you will have additional art to showcase. Well done. Jane likes the painting of the vased flower on a staircase. We think your work is outstanding. Bravo, bravo, bravissimo.....
Bienvenue du Québec ;o) from Zian C. - Saturday, Sep-15-2007
Pas mal du tout tes oeuvres...

Vivement la suite.
Cool Site! from Uncle Tony - Friday, Sep-14-2007
Hola! ur site is da Bomb!! Kepp up de good work mommy!
Love ur son tony and olive's uncle tony
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