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Gold Medal  2008
from the Académie des Beaux Arts Provence-Côte d'Azur

ERICKH : the passion for stone

French contemporary artist, born in Nice, sculptor of the new generation.

ERICKH is sensible to stone, he respects it, utilises its forms and its traits.

When using tools, he develops the expressions and characters of his oeuvres, while enhancing their qualities and their exceptional forces.

Movements are born between his hands.

And it goes one step further, as ERICKH has the conviction that each oeuvre emanates a power which has the capacity to challenge us.

The public is sensitive to this language of forms, which can be found at numerous expositions.

Rocks and stones surround us, we know their forces, they capture our imagination. They are capable of revealing many things, once we dare to put our hands on them.

ERICKH: La pasión de la piedras

Artista contemporáneo francés  nacido en Niza, escultor de nueva generación.

ERICKH es particularmente sensible a la piedra; la respecta, utiliza sus formas y sus particularidades.

Jugando con habilidad  de sus herramientas, valoriza sus expresiones, sus caracteres, y da luz a sus calidades y sus fuerzas excepcionales.

Los movimientos nacen entre sus manos

Aun, ERIC tiene la convicción de que en cada obra emane una fuerza que tiene el poder de cautivarnos

El público es sensible a este lenguaje de formas que encuentra de nuevo en numerosas exposiciónes.

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