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I was born in 1981 and graduate 2004 from the Superior Art School of Le Havre,
I recently moved to Lyon for more conveniences with my connections related
to the electronic music world (I compose Ambient, Minimal techno and
progressive on various labels since 2002)

About my artwork, it's a melt of several mediums: drawings, paintings,
scultpture, installations, and soundscapes even if I'm more painting focused
My subjects are about oppositions or combinations of various elements
remaining in the collective imaginery such like religion(Although i'm
atheist, catholicism is a great source of inspiration, maybe due to the will
to associate body, soul and sharing objects: pictures, relics, eucharistie,
sufferings and martyrs....), prosaïcal mankind conditions, primal instincts,
civilisations process...
So you can find lot of recurrent elements like hanging chairs, crosses,
burial, flying eyes, jesus like caracters, stomacs, sperms, faces, foetus,
war fields, afraid soldiers... which are depicted naive style or comics or
expresionnism touches...This form a big tank of vocabulary which I combine,
following what I want to focus on. All evolving in a kind of puzzle in a
labyrinthic progression.

My main statement is that I think there is no progress in art. The ways to
express fundamentals like life, love and death can be changing by the
technical evolutions, but the issues are the same. Maybe that's why I
consider painting as a milestone which combinate the same statements with an
evolving grammar and vocabulary.

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