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Artist established in Montréal, Québec

The way I see it now, i think that my artistic statement is my own quest of identity. It all started when I lived as a child in Magpie, a northern village by the sea, in Québec. For me, as a young girl, it was a small isolated and stressing place to be. With time, I believe that this is where I learned to seek comfort in my thoughts. Today I paint to take conscience of my being and to perceive my own existence in relation with the world around me. There are days when I feel I have no inspiration at all. But by maintaining an open mind to what is happening during that period of time, by letting myself slip into this uncomfortable state of doubt and tension, a new path opens before me and creates a space inside where all becomes possible. 

Piet Mondrian, Claude Tousignant and Guido Molinari really inspired me by their ability in mastering composition and light. Jackson Pollock taught me to paint freely, letting the flow of memories and prints of my life to accumulate on the canvas giving to each painting its own and unique character and personality. Finding the balance between emotions and a deep urge to paint,  this is what nourishes my passion to be cherished until the end, for it is the only one to ease me.

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