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I began  oil painting when I was 15 ,  my father gave me his old paint box  he hadn't touched  since around ten years. My first learning was to manage opening tubes  stuck by  years.

Then, I was fascinated by  Impressionists, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, then by Surrealists,  Picasso and De Staël...

I began  sculpture at the Secondary school (option fine art) with an iron sculpture with bow soldering iron .
I moved on with sculptures made by wire and  plastered bands. I had recorded a  contemporary dance ballet, made numerous drawings and finished by sculptures with bands.
Then, I  followed a training course of sculpture about cellular concrete in 1989 ( 21 years old).
At that time,  I went working to Paris, I studied   other arts Graphs  : wash drawing, caricatures, acrylic, oil painting, collage,  I frequented  some studios, followed   drawing courses on models. I illustrated an associative publication, wrote some
satyric texts for of a local union newspaper,  illustrated a
friend's poem collection  (published in author's account).
I was again alive in 2000 when I left the sprawling city for a 120 souls village.
In this village, lived a sculptor (Valéry Van
Since this time,  I think  having found  the best medium  for me, and I do not make more than  sculpture on wood (with,  however, an interruption between 2005 and 2008,  time to build...)
Since 2008, I'm sculpting, I would like to sculp  wood as the « croqueur sketchs » on  paper : nervous, imperfect drawings but full of imagination. I don't  doubt  arriving by other mean  that  work.
In Nancy, I also discovered the school of Nancy : its architecture, its stained glasses,  its sculptors...

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