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Born in 1964 in Franche-Comté,Alain Bulle, currently paints the energetic representations of

angels whit source of inspiration the tradition.With a strong symbolism, his art open window on a

mystical universe where every on can find his own kind.

Autodidact, he started with figurative creations and then developed his art and technical within the 5

years he spent at the Scholl of Art of Besançon........the French TOUCH...

As and then, he’s been painting portraits, landscapes and dead natures for 10 years. During this

time, his work has been rewarded several times.

In 1995, he met the Comtois painter André Oudet who will change his vision and towards him to a

way he has never left since: abstraction and feeling representation with boy hot and cold colours

and forms. From his meeting with André Oudet, Mr, E. Newhalf tells us: “André Oudet could show

the best in anyone and turn it into light as I’m trying to do each time I start painting again.

I paint on the ground and I like this posture which brings me back to earth as if the work was doing


After several years, literature and painting rescued, maturity and technical came over.

This added to philosophy based on human beings ay of life enables to express his art completely

and acknowledged in the today artistic world that share  his serious and originality in his


HE often worked and exhibited with Angel Demo, type-setter and writer who decorate whit texts

and music his colored paintings.

Sounds are diffused through bells which create our intimate environment.

The meditative and airy qualities of Alain BULLE’s paintings reflect his fascination with the

ephemeral and mystical qualities of the prevailing skies. Mister Newhalf, born Alain Bulle (b.

1964), is a French painter who trained at the École Régionale des Beaux-Arts in Besançon and cites

Andre Oudet as the source for his aesthetic. However, Mister Newhalf’s compositions recall

medieval devotional imagery as well as the Surrealist nature of Salvador Dali and the ethereal

works of Giambattista Tiepolo.

Dynamic gradations of various colors serve as backdrops to his compositions. The rough and

hurried treatment of these gradations is reinforced by the gestural, dribbled application of bold reds,

yellows, and greens. Through this element of the works, Mister Newhalf introduces the spectator to

the cathartic aspect of his creative process. These compositional elements are then contrasted by the

delicate white contours of his angelic figures and biomorphic forms. Whereas the background and

sporadic drops of paint suggest emotional release, the detail of his angels and figurative forms

evoke meditation, introspection, and prayer. Works New York AGORA Gallery .PARIS FRANCE- Shanghai CHINE Yudefang Site Artmine Agora
Lausanne (Switzerland), and Paris (France), Lecce Italie,.

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