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Diaconesses clinic, Strasbourg, France

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I am a French artist and have been a registered member of the Maison des Artistes since 1984. My work consists in achieving painted walls and pictures on demand, and that ensures a living for me. Besides, I have always painted for myself .The series of works I send you as attached documents is part of my last paintings and of my present way of expression, which I find sufficiently mature to present. 
These paintings are made of engraved card boards tauted on a frame and based on patterns of figures or letters pressed to create a gap ; I use metal marks which I press to engrave the board. Then, I cover the board with several coats of painting ; the frames of figures been used more as a way to play with the colours (subjectivity) whereas the frames of letters are used with a representation (figurative). These paintings tend to provide a game between the background and the shape. The representative paintings are based on an engraved text related to the shape and which will come out later when the coats of painting are superimposed (for example, the American flag with part of a text from the American Constitution, the orrises with the definition of the word "orris" from the dictionary, or the Portrait of AndrĂ© Masson with a text presenting AndrĂ© Masson - 1896 - 1987, which says "he is one who, from a blank sheet of paper, can evade, and tries to find and fix the other side of things". The paintings with figures become real pages of ancient writings which sometimes fade under the coats of paintings to become like "hieroglyphics pads".

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