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The contemporary impressionist and surrealist painter artist, A. Toth Attila was born at Kecskemét and later moved to Budapest with his parents. Recently he lives in the Capital.
His painting activity started at 1995. At this time he made his first painting as a result on unaccountable divine impulse.
His unique style and technic was experimented and developed by his ownself, which made his artworks more mature and more special in the course of long years.
He studied by autodidact method and continously educates himself.
Mostly paints on wood, attains more paint layers to the base, therefore making of every painting is the result of long months formation. Among his pictures you can find more than one which got its final form in one or one and a half year.
He often uses an unique "withering" technic, developed by himself, by which he visualises his choice of words in inimitable three-dimensional form. The last layer of the painting is covered by two layers of transparent lacquer wrapper.
His deep psychological studies that appears in rephrased artistic way in his paintings, are not suddenly shocking, but make enduring effect to his connoisseur public, who doesn't look for everyday common tendences in artpieces.
Also unusual and astonishing that his pictures are illuminating in darkness. After getting light, in darkness his artworks are shown up in completely new form,their inner world comes to life in amazing way.
The nature's unique, and for most people invisible treasury is opening through his paintings from the clouds to the wonderful wiew of the sea and the ground,not forgeting the human, who is presented in his deep thoughts.
His style,the atmosphere of his artpieces transmits mysterious,stupefying, exciting and deep sensuality, completely unique and inimitable. One part of the artpieces embraced by the mood of loneliness opens the way to the changing and the developing. The powerful colours, in places vibrating contrasts, the imbued, deep tonality transmits the force of the creator.
At the same time in his artworks show up more pastel, softer composition of his emotional-world,sensitivity and unique sight-manner, from which playfulness isn't missing either.
Any art issue forms, possibilities signify a lot for him, these inspiration effects are essential in his art activity. Often the appreciation means the beginning of thinking on the first step of his next painting. Hopefully his exhibitions will increase in the near future to allow more wide-ranging public to get to know his unique world. (Sz.B.I. helper)

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