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Ivan Panfilov

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Brilliant work!! de Gloria Arango N - Mardi 21 juillet 2009
Dear Ivan,
Greetings from Down Under!!
I just want to say that I love your series of Birth of the Planets; it's like they each have their own soul.
I also really like the portrait of Annatoly, it almost looks as a picture, with fine detail and great escence!

Great work! Keep it up!!

Your Australian friend, Gloria.
P.D. My regads to Olga. ;o)
Congratulations to Ivan and Olga! de Richards Lucy - Mardi 17 mars 2009
After all you had painted you have to come to Italy - the ancient country of art. You have very special quality of expresion inner energy in your paintings. Bravo, Maestro Ivan!
Greetings from Austrian Roerich Society de Leylya M. Strobl - Lundi 16 juillet 2007
Dear Mr. Panfilov,

I was very happy to see your online exposition. This is a very good idea to use internet and thus to get an opportunity for better contact with colleagues as well as with people who are interested in modern russian art. So, thank you very much for the beautiful pictures!!!

Personally I liked a lot your "City" works in you Gallery...They are alive...

My best regards to Olga!
Sincerely yours, Leylya M. Strobl

congratulations de Valentina Ganz - Mercredi 24 janvier 2007
Panfilov's exhibition on internet is a remarkable travel into the world of an artist, who has demonstrated an excellent capability to match technical quality with inner search. The work comes out from the artist's thought and soul, to address to all humanity. Well done!
Uvaguha de \"Naumenko\" Volod\'ka - Samedi 6 janvier 2007
Respect i uvaguha tebe ot vsex Timiryazevskix pacanov!!! :-)
Delay to (pishi) chto ti lubish!!!!!
You are the best!!!!
Hello Ivan de peter steurbaut - Vendredi 5 janvier 2007
Congratulations with this fine exposition of your work on internet.I recognise the shapes and textures of the many drawings and graphics you showed me years ago here in Belgium. You were always drawing, thinking and making preparatory studies. This has now matured into an undeniable own style.For me it is the materialization of the the slavic soul: a melancholic touch, and never without some kind of "rational spirituality". Aware of "la condition humaine", but always with a touch of hope and longing for something better. I enjoyed seeng your work again. Peter
Thank you de Michael Evan - Mardi 19 septembre 2006
I accidentally ran into this site and now I'm spending a lot of time here. Your paintings are among the best here. Thank you and Artabus for such a pleasure.
Thank you de olga pomerantseva - Dimanche 3 septembre 2006
Dear Vanya! I am glad to see your gallery, especially Temnikov series. Thank you very much and good luck!
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