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The purpose of this program is to honor web masters who with great care and attention to detail created their Internet presence. Not only created, but also continue to improve. Now that your 'work-of-art' is open to the public, you deserve some recognition! The Artabus Awards honor the web site owner for their long hours spent in front of a computer screen, weaving a masterpiece and checking each page for any possible error.

Many award programs will give you an award merely for visiting or signing a guest book; this award is not that easy. After viewing the list of winners, you will see the higher awards are given to only a select few. If you are a conscientious and studious web developer there is no reason to think, your work is not worthy of obtaining the best awards!

If your site does not win we implore you to not be discouraged, the road to fine web design is a long and studious one.

Only art related sites can apply to an award.

Below are some samples of the awards you can get

Artabus has an award program for quality websites; you can try to get an award here if you are the webmaster of the site.
Web sites displaying political content, racist messages, pornography or anything that could hurt will be droped. No Artabus artist can apply for an award.
If you win an award you will get html codes by mail to display it on your pages.
In order to comply with C.O.P.P.A. you must be at least 14 years of age to nominate a Web title. If you are under 14, you may have a parent or guardian apply for you.

Subscription is closed for 2007 awards. It will be open in january 2008. Winners will be displayed here.

The review time is 6 months.
Candidates will get an email.
If their website will get an award, it will be listed in this page.

Notification process :
1- All information submitted is verified. If it was not filled out correctly, the application is discarded and the applicant will be notified to re-apply.
2- If your review requires and extended amount of time to complete (more than a month) You will be notified of the same.
3- An initial review will be done to ensure your site is not disqualified because of illegal content as outlined in our "Criteria". If your site is found to contain illegal content the evaluation will cease and be discarded. The applicant will be informed of the illegal content.
4- Your site will be compared to the SET criteria.
5- Upon completion of review you will be notified the results. If your site has qualified for an award I will provide your personalized award at that time. If your site did not qualify, I will notify you of same and invite you to re-apply in 90 days.

Awards are given according to the avaluation of these items :

The site must allow an intuitive and easy navigation.
In less than 3 clics the user should have access to the main pages of the site.
The homepage should be accessible any time.

The site must look great : esthetism in the association of the colors, total coherence...
The graphical user interface should not be one of those standard portals (PHP Nuke...).
No horizontal scroll-bar should be visible at the resolution 800x600 pixels and above.

Pages must be updated on a regular basis.
No link should display a "page not found" message.
Lot of content is better than 3 pages telling "hello, today is monday, it is 10 past 9..."
Users should find free services on the site.
No agressive advertising : pop-up...

The total weight of each page (including html and pictures) should not be above 60kb to be quick enough using a modem.
The pages must load in less than 3 seconds using ADSL or less than 15 seconds using a modem.

Pages should be Netscape and Internet Explorer compliant, starting at version 4.
The HTML code should be validated here :

The award level will be calculated according to this formula :
Score between 40 and 60% : Bronze award
Score between 60 and 80% : Silver award
Score above 80% : Golden Award.

Winners - 2007
Golden Awards

Winners - 2006
Golden Awards

Winners - 2005
Golden Awards

Winners - 2004
Golden Awards
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