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Françoise Zia was born in Paris. She followed her studies at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, at the University of Paris 1/Sorbonne, institute and center Michelet Art and Industry Tourcoing. In 1972, the owner of DSAP, Zia began his professional artistic career in some Parisian galleries as Breteuil Gallery, Arts 83, Audio-Visual Institute, CIAC, Contemporary Art Centre, International Mandrake, Delpha Gallery Space Gallery Atlante Hautefeuille Gallery .

Her work is featured in various national exhibitions: Salon des Independants in Paris, International Academy of Lutece in Paris, Salon du Maine in Le Mans, International Exhibition of Abstract Art in Marseille, International Salon d'Automne in Aix en Provence, Salon International Painting in Deauville, Art Exhibition in Nice, 3rd Millennium Exhibition in Angouleme, Bordeaux International Fair, 42 megatonnes in Paris, Green Carbon in Bordeaux Contemporary Art Show in Sos and Mothe Saint Héray. Museum of Art Cru Bordeaux.
She also participates in international exhibitions: International Exhibition of Acea's Plastic and Visual Arts smaller formats Barcelona (Spain), International Exhibition of Fine Arts Ruiz Aznar of Granada (Spain), ARTPERISCOPE - Czestochowa in Poland, Living in the Small Format Kunst- Forum-International Meisterschwanden Switzerland. Competition "Junk or Genius" Gallore Gallery USA ..
She gets Awards: Digital Ruiz Aznar in 2006, Prix Maurice Valmier in Pau in 2007, Silver General Council of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques Cup in 2009.

Meanwhile, she began a career in the private and public education.

1983, his work evolved to the transcript of body impressions (transposition body painted on media with collage object / pubic hair / cloth / leather. Etc.).
1985: Theme of the origin of the world.
1993: Creation of a textile design company: Pictoris creations.
1998: New Business: Zia creations.
2005: Decorator for movies: Bitterness clouds (2005) & Iphigenia (2007). Actress in the movie: Bitterness clouds (the role of the grandmother), Director Eric Anziani.
2006 : Series "Odalisque" with characters that induce existential questions.
2009 : abstract compositions made with newspapers with the series "existential tear" that fits between knowledge and nothingness.
2010: Start of performances with "green carbon" and "road frames."
2011: Lyrical Abstraction series "Quadratum" and drawing: "Quantum".
2012: A series of abstract paintings "Brane".
Sculptures with recycled products (Arte Povera).

Artistic activity Françoise Zia diversified in several pictorial forms decorative work for the design of fabrics, abstract cardboard or plastic "ziaplastic" compositions, portraits, personal impressions, de-structuring & restructuring, painted silks, digital images, characters on canvas "Odalisque", performance, sculpture.

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