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Artist Name ZEBRA


Self-taught artist, painter, carver, action artist, philosopher, and world citizen born in 1956 in Düsseldorf, Germany.


-      Cultivation Award Winner at the “6th Rheinische Post art action contest”. 1986, Düsseldorf.
-      His biggest painting 131ft./47 in. on Koenigsallee with Christoph Bouchet. Sold in support of “Fight AIDS”. 1988, Düsseldorf.
-      “Iron for Peace”. Laser-cut sculptures originally from a tank of the Preussage Stahl AG firm. 1990, Düsseldorf.
-      “Art for Peace”. Exposition and actions in Frankfort, Dortmund, Hanover, Munich and Düsseldorf.
-      Expositions and actions in support of the “Animal Rights” and of the “Nature Conservation”. Düsseldorf.
-      Since 1993, he signs his work of “ZEBRA”, which means “For freedom, creativity and environmental conservation”.
-      He sells his atelier and his art gallery in Düsseldorf, to live and work in an Art Bus.
-      “Noah’s Arch Project” driftwood. Actions and expositions of driftwood sculptures. Cologne and Düsseldorf on the Rhine’s embankments.
-      He starts a Europe tour from Düsseldorf, with both of his art buses, kind of itinerant museum, cruising at not more than 4 mi/h.
-      His major project: Sahara. Wide-ranging ecological project. He paints its guidelines on his bus flanks. By this way, he tries to sensitize people on the emergency of respecting and protecting the planet and especially trees.
-      His journey makes him go through Netherlands, Belgium, and Atlantic coasts like Normandy or Britain. Spanish coast discovers him. He then heads toward the French Mediterranean coast.
-      Through his many actions and work expositions designed over the miles, he delivers his message for environmental conservation. At each layover, he leads workgroup for children and debates for passer-bys.
-      Press takes an interest in his work. He’s followed during his whole trip by German Newspapers: the Rheinische Post, the Express Stadtanzeiger… but also by the German TV channel WDR. Belgian and Spanish presses as well as the French ones don’t miss a piece of his journey.
-      ZEBRA is a free man and not only in his mind. He’s also one in his life, in his art. He traveled with his two art buses like in his dreams or his paintings relating earth and sea. He restitutes energies of our world: Nature, Imagination, creativity, emotions, respect and love. For a while, he privileged some themes for his paintings. But he is well too free to accept imprisoning his inspiration. The name of ZEBRA is synonym of freedom and since he signs his work with this name, he doesn’t impose himself any particular theme anymore.  He realizes his paintings and his sculptures with a unique main thread: his feelings.
-      His journey reinforced his idea of freedom; he managed to set his caravan on the most beautiful public places of the crossed cities. He must be one of the last men to have known this privilege. Everybody knows that it would currently be difficult to start such a trip without any social or administrative constraints. ZEBRA’s freedom is not a myth. His name, his picture, his history still echoes in the mind of people, official or anonymous, who crossed his way.
-      Currently, ZEBRA’s has landed in south of France, on the seaside, near Montpellier. He’s been living with his companion…eleven dogs and three cats, all rescued during his trip, on the roadsides. His first step to freedom was made after having saved the life of a dog…When he understood that he would loose his time as well as his soul, if he didn’t get rid of the stranglehold of the famous and respected artist that he was.
-      ZEBRA is a free-minded man, but responsible as World citizen. Responsible toward the planet, the world, and the animals. This layover in south of France, he offers it to all his four-pawed orphans. It also affords him the opportunity to entirely devote himself to his art, painting and sculpture. He may have stopped his engines… but his inspiration is still on the march and it doesn’t know any limit nor border.
-      Feel free to discover this high color character through his work. Everything’s got sense with this artist, and each of his pieces tells it…with softness and energy.
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