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Viviane Alberti has always been gifted as far as drawing, charcoal, watercolour or dry pastels are concerned. She enrolled in the fine Arts School in Versailles. And then in 1994 she knew that drawing was just like "being confined" and felt the need to free herself from it. With the help of a painting knife, she  then discovers free gesture she needs so much. Her ability of questioning herself is remarkable "I do not want, while painting, to start with a subject matter in mind any more and even less to draw anything on the canvas before painting. I want everything to come from my gesture and the painting matter itself. The knife and the colours are my guides. The canvas makes the painting. I only help it to give it birth. My will was to get out of the figurative to go onwards to Abstract". Once I finish painting a canvas, it is always a surprise for me to discover what it has come to".

Viviane felt that drawing was a constraint, whereas she found freedom while oil-painting."The enjoyment of painting is a therapy which aims at gaining a balance to become in harmony with oneself". She behaves with regard to oil painting as if it were water colour, then the result is a fluid, light, ethereal, translucid and high-coloured work of art. The drawing is no more a determining factor in the achievement of the work. It has been considered as a pretext to support the text. Abstraction put to a limit,  she slightlyshows the outlines of things so as to let the landscape indulge into the freedom of its impalpable identity. The same colour range as ocre, red and blue support the tune of a pictural melody which does not want to establish itself into an elaborate speech. The discursive energy is put into concentrated areas against a monochrome background. Then a dialectics of full and empty, stress and relaxation, of what is said or not, is shown. In this double identity lies the pictural personality of Viviane Alberti. Verticality takes her towards the dream, whereas horizontality keeps her rooted with reality. She applies very thin coats of colours."I start with coloured patches, then I scrape them... some shapes appear slowly and it is the birth of my painting... Then the work consists in helping things to come to life and survive from stillness". Urbanity is involved into her fancy landscapes. Cities lie on to the surface of the canvas just like a subjective geography and a universe to be explored. By fighting against herself, Viviane found her way to possess her own Art. After suffering for si long time and with a lot of patience the studious practice of drawing, she deserves the freedom of creating which helps her to go further in the exploration of pictural field. M. CHELBI - Magazine Impressions d'Artiste, October 2005

(...) In the contemporary creation, there are artists who know how to draw the quintessence of their plastic arts aptitudes. We look at a work of art, the refined wrinting of which tends towards Abstract art. First and foremost a colorist, the spirit of her art stands out between real and fancy. The painting of this plastic artist is a work of freedom wich benefits from a spiritual and vivid quality. A signature which enables us to indulge into the world of dream-like nature, essential for an art collector  and which shows genuine contemporary creation at the utmost. J. LAINEE - Magazine Côté Art N°38 2006

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