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My involvement with watercolour painting began 20 years ago in St Germain en Laye when i met a watercolourist, passionately interested in her art and generous by nature, who instilled in me her own enthusiasm.
This brush with watercolour painting has left its water. So many symbols in this unique medium !
It lays down its own laws, requiring a never-ending search for the right stroke at the right moment. It is a constant challenge to give free rein to one's emotions wherever water leads them, to allow oneself to be transported with delight at the fusion of colours, whilst endeavouring to remain in control at the helm, taking on board the unintended : stains, smudges, colours running over everything that stems from mastery of water.
Anytime I paint a face, I always have the same pleasure to discover it, because it is so different from my basic subject. I like to make knowledge with this stranger, seeking in their eyes his most secret desires, approaching his soul.
A drop of water, one or more pigments, a precise gesture in this perpetual search for a meeting, and the glance appears. This border between reality and the unreal one is magic. Don't we use to say that the eyes are the mirror of the heart ?
The most difficult is to reach the essential with a minimum of brushstrokes, in order to express its emotions with simplicity. The technique of watercolour painting imposes reserve and spontaneousness. One needs to know when to give rein, and to keep one's head.
This play with water is endless ; it is a constant challenge.
What remains are those glimpses of life recorded in water, reflections which are both fleeting and everlasting.

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