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Beaux-Arts de Reims & Besançon, 1968 - 1973
Bellas Artes, La Plata, Argentina, 1974 - 1975

"What is art ? Can it exist by ignoring the legacy from the past ?"

Is democracy an empty word?
Democracy does not really exist. It is just an illusion.
The artist as such does not have much decision-making power because everything is dictated by the market place.
The field of art does not escape this general law. On the contrary, it contributes to its exacerbation and intellectual conformism is much more widespread than it seems.

So, hurrah for painting and protest movements!

Painting, in the literal sense of the word, is undoubtedly one of the greatest traditions in the history of mankind. Yet, it has been attacked for the past hundred years by a few influential intellectuals. This is especially true of the late 1800s when painting was under renewed ruthless attacks.

Neither literature nor music have been subjected to such blacklisting. Pictures that were formerly prized and appreciated by the vast majority of the public, paintings that used to be bought by the State, were completely ignored and devalued after Picasso and C├ęzanne gained world-wide recognition. That was an undeserved and, in most cases, an unjustified fate.
Indeed these paintings, disdainfully described as "pompier", not only show technical mastery but also reflect imagination, diversity, fantasy and are living proof of what constitutes the quintessential aspect of a work of art.
All kinds of subjects are dealt with in those paintings - landscapes, nude studies, genre scenes and historic ones - so that in many respects it would not be absurd to declare the XIXth century the real golden age of French painting...

From the "Hommages" series.

In reaction against conceptual art and minimalism, these paintings are naturally at odds with the commonly accepted notion of contemporary art.
Their purpose is to show that Figurative art in spite of every effort made over the past century to be freed from it still remains, in its diversity, an invaluable source of inspiration.
References to the history of art reflect the painter's personal inclinations. Although integrated into his own world, they are not at variance with his style.

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