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Born in Normandy and native of Belgium. I always drew, begin the oil paint in 1981, then acrylic.

In 2000 I begin the sculpture on cellular concrete and soapstone. I paint and sculpture in a universe where reigns the reflection the méditation, to look for anything ... but that ???

Two sentences which I like particulary :

"We can have made the tour around the Earth, without ever having made a single step towards itself" CONFUCIUS.

"The paint comes from the place where the words cannot express themselves any more" Gao XINGJAN.

I sleep on the white sheet, all the ideas, the questioning, the feeling which call me.( the humain being, the life, the nature, the material, the purified curves, spaces ...).

Then I work again for a long time in the doûte and the uncertainty between the conscious and the unconscious, in search of the perfection which does not exist.

When my exploration is enough reflected and assumed, I pass in the execution of the work. This last period adorned me ît less stimulating, less existante because it is necessary to finish this search which remains a mystery !

In sculpture, I am more easily allowed dominate by the material whereas' in paint, I realize in the rigour, the precision and the obsession.

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