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I live and work in Transylvania, Romania. By profession I am a psychologist, employed as a speech therapist in the public educational system. I had studied fine arts for over 8 years before graduating from the Nicolae Tonitza High School for the Arts, in Bucharest.

I took up painting in the last 6-7 years, after having completed the in depths studies in psychology required in my profession. I rediscover now with pleasure, and find new inspiration in a variety of tools, materials and techniques, just as I did in the years of my artistic apprenticeship.

My works are drawings, collages and watermedia. However, the largest part of my artistic productions consists of reverse glass paintings. Inspired by the traditional art of the folk painters of Transylvania, as well as by the medieval imagery, as we know it from the illuminated manuscripts, I attempt to forge a personal path and an individual style in using and reviving this fascinating technique.

Establishing a conventional artistic career does not motivate me in particular. I find the Internet, with its numerous online galleries, most advantageous for my aims - even though glass painting is challenging to photograph and loses a great deal of its charm in such a display modality. But for me this choice of presentation is a straghtforward way to share the art of reverse glass painting, not much known or practiced, and often unjustly relegated to the category of "crafts".

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